Living the military life is interesting because with each move and new duty station you get to you settle into a different daily and life-ly routine. I suppose everyone changes things up every few years–but to me it seems like moving always shakes things up one way or another.

When we were first married and living near DC we pretty much went grocery shopping together all the time. It was fun for us and it made it easier when we could both pick up what we wanted and needed. We always shopped at the Commissary on Ft. Belvoir because it was half the price of the grocery stores around D.C.

When we moved to North Carolina and I had Amber we continued to shop together-there was a super Walmart right handy and she was always an easy baby so it was still no problem to all go together.

Once we moved up here to Boston and I was 8 months pregnant things got a little more complicated. Once again we were in the land of high priced groceries and no super centers and the only comissary was 30 minutes away (when there was no traffic) If I waited to go with Bob in the evenings or on weekends we would get stuck in hours of traffic jams (we found this out the hard way….. more than once….) not to mention the fact that he’s out of state so often.

Other friends bite the bullet and just go to the less expensive, closer grocery stores. I even figured out if the gas I spent driving there was more than the price of tax I’d save–it wasn’t.

So here I go twice a month hauling 2 kids an hour in the car to shop for groceries. The whole thing is quite an adventure (is that the right word???) so I’ve learned all the tips and tricks to make it go as smooth as possible!

The two products that have been lifesavers have been the Gripsterz (remember that guy?? Still totally in love–keeps Amber from dancing like a wild woman and bumping into people up and down the aisle…somewhat…..)

The second has been the OnTray! I’m kind of a “mean” mom I guess because I don’t let my kids have many snacks. All the time I see other moms stuffing their kids faces with snacks the entire time-then they turn around in the same breath and bemoan the fact that their child is such a picky eater and won’t eat their meals….hmmm…..but anyways!!!

OnTray for Snacks

This means that snacks are a “big deal” to my kids (aka my secret weapon) I always bring wheat crackers and rasins (told you I was mean–the snacks my kids get excited about are healthy, LOL) and  slllooowwlly distribute them throughout the aisles. Both kiddos are so happily munching I’m able to get our half month of groceries and scoot out of there before without any catastrophes! This product is so genius–after having spilled Cheerios out of cups in the store more than once I think that the inventors are totally the best ever–every mom needs one of these!!!

OnTray for Snacks

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