Be Still by Lisa Chan

When was the last time you were still? Truly still? If you’re like me you might feel like there is never a still moment to your day–other than when you collapsed into bed for the night!

In Be Still Lisa digs into how jam full our days are and yet how this makes us so spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained. This is a great soothing, artistic, and much need short film that is so relevant for Christian women today! I found the story of Susan included to be an interesting angle–especially as many Christians I know might not agree with re-marriage even in the case where the first spouse leaves-that is the only small thing that I had against this movie though!

It really did speak to me–especially with how very, very busy and tired I’ve been lately. Lisa gently points out how the same women who talk about how busy and drained they are, are the same women who spend so much time frittering their day away playing Facebook games, watching reality tv, or reading magazines.

This is the first film in the True Beauty series–I’m very excited to see the rest! I’d recommend it for any Christian who just feel stretched and thin and needs the reminder to Be Still in God! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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