I’m one of those moms who tends to like “old fashioned” toys the best. The fewer bells and whistles something has the more I tend to like it because it encourages imagination and pretend and the kids don’t feel boxed in by what they can play with it. I’m super picky about the toys that we have in our house that do have sound/bells/whistles (my in-laws found this out the hard way through the Obnoxious Cow)

I do, however, love educational toys–so when a toy can provide great hands on, sensory learning and fun–all while not annoying me to death–I’m in love!

 The new Leapfrog Rockin’ Guitar and Learning Bus both passed the rigorous Nicole Stamp of Approval tests!

I think the fact that impressed me and all the moms at my Before Back to School Brunch Bash was that there are no actual buttons on either of the toys–they’re perfect smooth and very “touch screen” like. I had to press the power button on and off a few times at first to make sure it really worked (it does!)

Born to be a rocker–hahaha!

 Both toys were a huge hit with both 4 year old Amber and 2 year old Tyler. Huge Epic Fights learning how to share the toys and take turns is an added bonus they bring! The other kids at the party all loved them as well–and the general consensus among the Moms was that Leapfrog makes consistently great products!

As you can see both Amber and Tyler think they’re already Rock Stars! If you have a “little rocker” too be sure to join the Rockin’ Guitar Contest. Everyone who enters will have a chance to win one of five $500 Gift Cards! 

For the Rockin Guitar I liked the fact that it includes a bunch of fun, classic children’s songs like “Pop Goes the Weasel” The Learning Bus is perfect because it brings both my kids great learning experience–Tyler is just learning his ABCs while Amber is mastering the sounds they make and it provides a chance to learn both-which is rare to find in a toy!

I also love how light and portable both toys are as well–they will be perfect for our upcoming out of state move to keep the kiddos busy on the road!

Do you prefer traditional toys or ones with bells and whistles–or a mix of both like me? What is your favorite toy for kids to learn with?