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For those of you who have been around awhile you know that I did a giveaway of AHCC a little over a year ago. Since then I’ve been able to use the product for myself–so I wanted to give an update on what I thought since we’re heading into that back to school and back to germs and colds and coughs season!

First off let me say that  when it comes to “all natural” supplements usually I’m a little skeptical, and this was no different. I’ve heard good things from different people about immune supplments, however, so figured that I would give this a try. I normally get a few small colds, and one really, really nasty cold right around Christmas each year. I started taking this right after we got back to Boston last fall (in November) since my immune system got knocked out from being so sick in the spring and had never really recover. All I can say is wow! I didn’t have a single cold or flu bug the entire season even though the kids and Bob all did. Once I’d used up the bottle and went a few weeks, I caught my first bug of the year-but it was a very mild one.

Through my own experience I’m now a believer, I haven’t taken it as much over the summer but plan on starting up again this fall!

Don’t just take my word for it–there are five 5 Star reviews on Amazon that you can go read for yourself.

Here is some additional information that I included with my original post as well:
Kinoko AHCC ReviewWhether you’re having play dates or the kids are back to school, you’re constantly exposed to viruses. While you make sure the kids eat well, take their vitamins and get plenty of sleep so their little immune systems are strong for the cold/flu season, what are you doing to ready your own body? Well, Kinoko AHCC, a natural immune booster derived from Japanese medicinal mushrooms, is a great addition to your cold/flu season arsenal.  

During last year’s flu season, Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) became Japan ’s #1 selling immune supplement and the news about this unique compound is finally reaching our shores. And, there’s a new clinical study out of Michigan State University showing that AHCC enhances the effectiveness of the seasonal flu shot. How? Patients taking AHCC showed increased production of “T-cells” and natural killer (NK) cells — those are the two types of white blood cells that help destroy virus-infected cells and fight off infections. 
KinokoAHCC also has a 20-year history of safety. It’s the world’s most researched natural immune supplement, supported by more than 50 human studies and 25 studies published in NIH-recognized peer-reviewed journals.  


  1. Heather

    Well, I’m not really into natural/herbal things, but who knows, could come in handy one day. Anyway…I haven’t been sick in almost 3 years!! At all…but, one of the things we did growing up to ward off nasty germs was to eat garlic with lemon juice and honey. It was my dad’s concoction and I actually really liked it. None of us were sick all that often, the garlic killed it all 😛

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    i make sure we all eat a really good diet full of fresh fruit and veggies. I think being properly nourished really builds an immunity

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    i told my 18 month old that I loved her so much and she made this grumpy “uggghhh” noise at me and flung her hand and me like “get away”….someone didn’t get much of a nap today!

  10. susansmoaks

    hand washing and keeping my hands away from my mouth
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    Staying away from sick people, hand washing and staying clean.

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