I feel very fortunate because in the 27 years I’ve been alive I’ve already gotten to visit 45 states and now with our move to Texas I’ve lived in 5 {of the best } of them.  One thing that has struck me in our many cross country adventures is just how beautiful this country is! Every different area has it’s own charms and even the spots that I might not be as crazy about I’ve met people who dearly love! Here is a little about each spot that I’ve lived and what was great about it!

Wyoming ~ of course it’s no small secret that I love my home state. In my heart I will always be a Wyoming Girl even if I never live there again! From the breathtaking Tetons to memorizing Yellowstone to wide and wild Southwest Wyoming there is so much to love about Wyoming! I love the smells, the sites, the wildlife! Nothing gets my temper buttons pushed like hearing someone whine, complain, or belittle Wyoming!

Washington D.C. ~ From the wilds of Wyoming to the political metropolis I had quite the culture shock when I moved to Lorton, Virigina as a 19 year old newlywed. The DC suburbs quickly won a place in my heart, however. I loved the hustle and bustle and being just a short metro ride away from the heart of DC was simply amazing. From Arlington National Cemetery, to the Pentagon, to the White House and monuments there is so much to do, see, and experience-and most of it is free which is just icing on top!

Crystal Coast of North Carolina ~ are you a wee bit jealous of my life yet? Our next move was smack in the middle of vacation and retirement land on the coast of North Carolina. With our condo in Morehead City we were just a quick 5 minute ride to stretches of gorgeous beaches with little crowds and free parking. Though I discovered I’m not as much of a Southern gal there was plenty to love about the beautiful beaches and slower paced life on the beach!

Boston, MA ~ Like many of the places we’ve moved, neither of us had ever been in Massachusetts when we found we would be moving there. Hubby ended up working right in the North End of Boston and with us living in the North Shore it didn’t take long for Boston to take up it’s spot in my heart and put some deep roots in there. The mix of the sky scrapers and historic buildings, the business professionals walking along the cobblestones next to the tourists, the ocean and the trees, the perfect mix off all four seasons exactly when they should be, the friendly people and their wonderful accents–I find very little that I didn’t immediately love about Boston! Of all the places I’ve lived since Wyoming this is the one that has captured me the most and felt the most like home.

Texas ~ Hubbies home state and now my latest! Though I may never be a “southern girl” I could feel the beauty and wonderful set up of North East Texas growing on me when we stayed last year for a month. Tyler is the Rose Capital of the world and I find the size to be “just right” for me-big enough to have an amazing zoo, a fun children’s museum, and great shopping and food-but without the crazy traffic and stacked up apartments we had to deal with in our big city lives. While I miss the snow having the kids run around in shorts in the sprinklers in October is not exactly something to complain about either. Yes–we’ve been beyond blessed in our vacation destination living life–and I’m excited to see where my next 27 years will take me!

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