Yes–college again! 7 years after receiving my Associates degree I’m suddenly surrounded by it on all sides with 2 of my siblings in college and hubby soon to be back!

As we walked around the University of Texas at Tyler campus the other day I got all sorts of nostalgic-college was such a great experience for me and to tell the truth I’m just a wee bit jealous of hubby! If I went back I would love to get a bachelors in Psychology, Photography, or Education.

I thought that this info graphic was just way too cute! Although I lived at home during college I helped my mom send my younger brother more than one goodie box last year because he was living on hardly any normal food before she sent it–I think it’s super cool that you could put together a box online and have it delivered through mygofer – or if you don’t have a college student you can use it for everything from grocery delivery to stocking up on pet supplies.

Campus Delivery

This post is brought to you by mygofer – all nostalgia, hubby college students, and insight are my own.

Nicole Elliott