Is all of the food!

Now–I know what you’re thinking, and no, no one *forced* me to eat all the pizza, BBQ, fried chicken, ice cream, and peach cobbler. But when the ppl you’re living with buy and offer it to you on a consistent basis-well let’s just say will power has never been my really strong suite.

Seeing a *lovely* picture of my love handles posted on FB, however, shook me out of my comfort food coma and made me realize that staying up far past midnight, sleeping in late, not working out, and eating above delicious food is not a good combination for pictures or my sanity of mind. So this week we’re getting back into a routine and staying that way!

I actually haven’t gained all that much-I’m still hovering right through 135-138 like always but I can *feel* and see that a lot of that has transitioned from muscle to fat-and with the holidays and my brother’s wedding rapidly approaching I know I need to start good habits now!

So, here I am again-ready for action and needing more support than ever! 🙂

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Nicole Elliott