As you recall my sweet “little” brother is going to be married soon! I just received the invitation in the mail along with a *super* cute picture of the beyond adorable bride + groom to be! See??!!

Ryan and Brianne
photo credits to Leanna Hull

The last wedding I went to was my brother-in-law’s and I was more than a little pregnant at the time-and other than that the only weddings I’ve been to recently I’ve been *in* so what to wear was not an issue!

Now with my brother’s wedding fast approaching and the colors being ones that aren’t in my normal wardrobe palate ( green & brown ) I’m excited to use the occasion to go wear to a wedding dress shopping!

As you know I love to shop online (here’s 10 Tips for Clothes Shopping Online ) And one of my favorite places to window shop dresses is Shabby Apple. They have the gorgeous, modest, slightly vintage style that embodies Brianne and what I’m expecting their wedding to be like!

Shabby Apple Dressbest discount designer bridesmaid dresses

┬áThese two dresses were my favorite finds this time! The dress on the left is such a pretty and fun piece-just dressy enough! The dress on the right is totally “me” and I love that the rushing and cut of it is perfect for my “still need to a lose a little of that baby fat” figure!

One of my lucky readers will get to buy a dress (or blouse, or skirt, or whatever you need!) of their own with a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card!

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