When my cousin mentioned to me that she’d always wanted three children until she had her daughter-then she changed her mind because of how much of a handful she was, I just laughed {side note–she then got pregnant with twins so that became a moot point…..}

I laughed–right up until I had Tyler. Tyler is a delightful, hilarious, never ending bundle of movement and energy. He also is crazy stubborn, defiant, a handful strong willed! Always before I have vowed that my children would NEVER have temper tantrums in public-and Amber never did. In fact she had all of one temper tantrum at home-and once Bob “fixed” that it never happened again.

Tyler will randomly melt down and fling himself on the floor–regardless of knowing what the punishment will be or where . He’s the kind of kid who will continue to climb up on top of the doll house and JUMP off of it because to him the punishment is worth the fun. In the two years he’s been around I feel like I can’t take my eyes off of him and am often exhausted–so when I saw You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded), I knew I needed to read it!

This book was great! All of the things that she wrote I could completely apply to Tyler. I thought that she had a great combination of saying that yes–you DO have to punish even strong willed children *but* it’s more important to pick your battles. I completely agree with this!

Take this for example–sometimes Tyler insists on sleeping with his shoes on-or with his new pumpkin. I figure that little things like this are just funny and definitely not worth fighting over!

While we still do not allow temper tantrums I’m learning to help minimize them–I make sure that I’m not setting us up for failure by keeping him out too long (when he’s tired or cranky) and I love her suggestion that involving your SWC (strong-willed child) in the process helps the fight dissolve and never happen in the first place.

This book was full of great tips and engaging snippets. An easy read-I covered it in two days. Though not life changing I picked up many different ideas for helping Tyler become all the greatness I know he can be with a few less bumps along the way! I also was encouraged just to have reenforced that just because I have one very compliant child, and one strong willed child, it doesn’t mean that I’m doing anything wrong!

If, like me, you see this book and go “I need to read this!” Then you probably do! You can read the first chapter here!

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

Nicole Elliott