University of Texas at Tyler Campus
Gorgeous UT Tyler Campus-had fun walking all around it w/ hubby!

Short and sweet this week!

The goods: I ran 3 times last week – one mile each time – Woot woot! Plus I found more dresses that I look good in than I look bad in when I went dress shopping.

The bads: Still¬† having the same struggles and trip ups as always and still hovering right at where I’ve been stuck, stuck, stuck for basically the past year and 1/2.

¬†The plan: Right now it’s just to get through the holidays without going *above* my stuck range. Indulging but not over indulging, and not letting the 3 weeks up in Wyoming around Christmas time throw me for a loop.

How are things going in your weight loss world? What are your plans for preparing for the season of treats?!

Nicole Elliott