Yesterday I talked about cooking quick healthy food. Along with easy side dishes figuring out what to do for dinner on busy nights can be a challenge!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m moderately picky when it comes to food-especially packaged food. Since I cook mostly from scratch meals any convenience dinners will have to be high quality and especially tasty to fit all the differing taste buds that are present in my family. As I mentioned before-I love having quick and easy options during times like the holidays!

My family eats a lot of skillet meals, and a lot of chicken, so the new Campbells Skillet Sauces looked like they would be right up our alley! We were sent 4 of the new flavors from Campbell’s to try out!

TIP: Always have 3 or 4 “easy meals” on hand so that on those days things just get crazy you’ll be less tempted to hit up the drive through!

The meal was definitely quick and easy! Just cut up the chicken, brown, add in the sauce, stir & serve! Our favorite was the Chicken Marsala. I loved the taste and the mushrooms in it were delicious. I served it over linguine which was especially yummy!

This was just perfect for a busy week day night and I will be adding it to my list of “quick, easy meal ideas”!

What is your favorite, easy busy day dinner to make?

Nicole Elliott