For Thanksgiving this year we got to celebrate with all of hubbies family here for the first time since his brother got married-it was absolutely wonderful!

For holiday breakfasts I like to keep things nice and easy while having them be tasty and feeling a little “special” too. This year I decided to try making some Pumpkin Spice Miffy’s Muffins for Thanksgiving morning.

They were super simple to make–I just used all of the ingredients above and then added in a few handfuls of dark chocolate chips in. I loved that they are made of organic whole grains and use real pumpkin in them.

 TIP: Use fun props like a mini pumpkin to dress up your muffin platter

They also came with a special brown sugar to sprinkle over the top that really came them a fun and pretty look when they were finished! It took me just a few minutes to put them together and they stayed super tasty and fresh for the next morning–I liked them best when I stuck them in the microwave for 20 seconds because it made them warm and the chocolate chips gooey as if I’d just pulled them out of the oven….yummm!!!!

 They were a huge hit the huge platter is now completely gone! (and that was even with competing with the 8 different pies me & my MIL made) Everyone really loved them, especially both of my kids who thought because of the chocolate chips in them that they were getting a “special treat” with them–I didn’t mention to them that they were actually healthy!

Miffy’s Muffins are running a great special right now through the end of November:

o 4 packs/$20
o 6 packs/$30
o 8 packs/$40

In addition to the tasty pumpkin flavor we got Miffy’s also offers  Banana, Banana Chocolate Chip & Apple Spice!

These also would make great gifts–stay tuned for a future post soon with more on that idea!

What is your favorite Holiday Breakfast Recipe?

Nicole Elliott