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I just LOVE anything beauty, makeup and {practical} fashion related! I recently shared this article on Facebook and it sparked a lot of conversation between me and my friends about how important looking your best is related to feeling your best (which you might remember I also wrote about in Looking Hot as a Mom) Since the Holidays are the perfect excuse to dress up and get sparkily I thought I’d share a few posts with my Secret Beauty Tips (ok so maybe they’re not SO secret–but as a busy mom I feel like they’re my “secret weapons” to looking good and feeling great!) Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Any beauty expert will tell you that the first critical step of any beauty regime is having great skin! However one of my secrets is that while I don’t have sensitive skin-I do have fussy skin! Most of the time I just use a washcloth and water to clean my face because it seems like whenever I start using new face wash and moisturizer it just makes me break out more. Because, yes, at 27 I’m *still* dealing with the occasional pimple (uggg!!!) I’m always up for trying to find something new that will work so when I was contacted about the new Vegan Skincare Line Relogy I couldn’t wait to give it a whirl!

Ever since becoming more conscious about what I put on my kiddos skin because of Amber’s eczema it’s also translated into paying more attention to what’s going on my skin as well. Relogy is a unique blend of botanically-based ingredients promotes healing and has a soothing anti-inflammatory effect on your skin. Cool right? 

Secret Beauty Tip: Set a bedtime for yourself! Enough sleep is vital to looking and feeling your best and if you set a time to begin your nightly routines your body will have a chance to unwind and you won’t skip your skin care routine because you’re exhausted!

I’ve been using it now for a few weeks and I’ve been super impressed! The facewash is foaming and has a very light scent. It leaves my face clean and fresh feeling. What I’ve been the most happy with is the moisturizer–it’s light and leaves my face feeling soft without feeling clogged and my face has cleared up even while using the moisturizer which is awesome! The Seaweed spot treatment works well also–it has a little rolly ball that you place on your problem spots-it helped clear up a few pimples that were rearing their ugly little heads when I first started using the products. Overall I’m very impressed and highly recommend this line!

This line would also make a lovely gift to any beauty lover in your life-as you can see on the top picture they even send it like it’s a high end present! Find out more on the Relogy Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages!

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