Twelve Unlikely Heroesis the first book of John Macarthur’s that I’ve ever read. I have always been impressed and intruiged that of the characters in the Bible one of the things that is most telling of the truth of it all is the fact that their sins are never omitted or glossed over. Many of the mighty heros of the Bible were also incredible goof ups and failures at various points in their lifetime.

The book  Twelve Unlikely Heroes takes this seeming irony and shows us how twelve of the most unexepected people go on to be great heroes in the Bible. It ranges from everyone like very little known players like  Enoch and Miriam to well known Sunday School names like Esther and Jonah.

I love how John uses a mix of Biblical passages, knowledge of history, and knowledge of Jewish tradition to create a complete and entire picture for you of these different characters. Knowing the back story and surrounding history often helps make a story richer and deeper, and refreshes familiar tales for those like me who have heard them all their life.

Twelve Unlikely Heroes was a great read and I loved getting a fresh perspective and new thoughts on some of the most fascinating and complex characters in the Bible–I’d highly recommend this book and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Don’t just take my word for it–go read the other  Amazon Reviews -so far it has 4 stars overall!
Nicole Elliott