I love how God can take seemingly random and unrelated events and weave them together so skillfully and masterfully that they bring you exactly to the place that you are supposed to be.

That is exactly what But the Greatest of These Is Love  is all about. Like many of us Debbie was happily complacent in her familiar, her comfort zone, and her perfect. God, however, had other plans and masterfully shook her out of her complacency through a series of amazing events.

She didn’t go easily, however. I love how honest and transparent Debbie is in describing her struggle to obey God’s “crazy” command to her–to adopt an older Russian child. She masterfully weaves the tale of how she came from the place of a happy stay at home mom of three into a substitute teacher and mom of four-one of whom is feisty, lovable, Russian Roma.

We will all face times in our lives when we are called by God to do things that are not what we had intended and sure to seem crazy to us and others. Because of that this book is a must read for every Christian! Other readers feel so too–go check out the other Amazon reviews to get a sense of how much everyone loves this book! I found it especially moving and poignant based upon the new rules that the Russians have sadly passed baring Americans from adopting now.

Nicole Elliott