How To Do Makeup - 5 Easy Tips

I adore makeup–but I know not all moms feel the same–in fact some feel a bit intimidated by it! Because of this I wanted to offer 5 of my best tips for How To Do Makeup so that it’s easy and fun!

1. Buy Multi-Tasking Products. We’re busy people and if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of makeup trying to set up an entire skincare and beauty regime is daunting! I recommend starting with products like the Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream from Loreal. With one lightweight product you can have coverage, correction, and a priming base. I’d been hearing all sorts of buzz in my beauty circles about bb cream vs foundation but this was the first time I’d tried it for myself–I’m definitely sold!

Still a little confused? Let me break it down for you….

Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream from Loreal
Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream from LorealMagic Skin Beautifier BB Cream from Loreal

Cool right?? This was perfect for me most of the month when my skin is blemish free…for my occasional (annoying) break outs I do go back to a lightweight traditional foundation–but this so much easier and gives that beautiful “fresh faced” look! Other great time saving makeup products are creamy lipstick that includes moisturizer, and mineral eye shadow since you can apply it really lightly, heavily, or layered with each other for completely different looks.

2. Focus on Your Eyes or Your Lips Time saving and just a must because red lips and ultra dark eyes only look good when super models are ON the runway (and you’ll probably notice most of the time they don’t even violate this rule) this is good news for you though! On mornings when you’re going nuts just do bb cream, mascara, and red lips and voila! A gorgeous 5 minute face!

3. Always highlight your inner eye Buy a great sparkily white eye shadow and use it in the inner corners of your eyes even if you never wear eye shadow–it will brighten up your whole face and make your eyes appear bigger

4. Go with the 3 basic essentials for a gorgeous “no make up no fuss” look — BB Cream, Concealer, and a good quality mascara

Nicole Elliott Wyoming Girl

5.  Youtube Tutorials!! When you’ve gotten down the basics and are ready to be a little more brave go onto Youtube and search for any and every makeup look that you’d like to learn how to achieve. This one has become my personal favorite and I use more or less steps depending on how dressy I want to get–I’ve also learned to swap out different eyeshadow colors to achieve totally different looks using just this one tutorial!

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I received the BBCream from SheSpeaks for my honest review, all options, thoughts, photos, and tips are my own!
Nicole Elliott