Wet & Forget Shower Spray

This week in my Organizing in Small Spaces blog post I’ll be doing my first post on Organizing Your Bathroom. I thought before I wrote about that, however, I’d do a post on how to make cleaning your bathroom easy so that you’ll actually have time to organize it!

As you know I’m normally all about using all natural cleaners–and I am, but I’ve found for me personally when it comes to the bathroom-especially the tub-I need to use “the real thing”!

Since we’re living with my in-laws right now me and my lovely second mom have a lovely system worked out–I cook, she cleans! When it comes to our bathroom, however, I clean that (because I would feel a little weird with someone else cleaning up the bathroom we use!)

Since I’m so busy between all my jobs, being home full time with the kids, and extracurricular activities I try my best to work smarter–not harder!

Wet & Forget Shower Spray

So here are my top 3 tips for easy cleaning for you!

Use your kids Bathtime or your Shower to your advantage!  You’re already in there–why not take advantage of that? I clean the entire bathroom during Tyler’s bath once a week-normally I can get everything cleaned up and wiped off before his bubbles disapear!

Keep your supplies in the bathroom. If you have room store your bathroom cleaning supplies in one of your cupboards/linen closet. If they’re right there handy you’re much more likely to use them!

Buy products that do the work for you! I use toilet cleaners that you drop in the bowl and it cleans every time you flush. Another awesome “does the work for you” product I just recently found out about is the Wet & Forget Shower Spray. Since I  do my bathroom cleaning while the tub is being occupied I was having a hard time figuring out when a good time to go in and scrub the tub & shower would be. With the Wet & Forget Shower Spray I just spritz it on really quick after my shower and then rinse it off again the next time I hop in the shower or before I put the kiddos in for a bath.

The Before Picture–nice and clean from scrubbing!

Wet & Forget Shower Spray

The only part I had any problem with was figuring out how to get it to latch in initially–(one of those “you have to be smarter than the bottle battles I often lose–haha!) The trick is you have to push it DOWN till it latches in, not try to screw it in. 😉

Check out my short video to see it in action!

Of course a product is only as good as it’s final results–so here you are!

The “after” picture!

Ta Da! I know–you might be saying “that looks just like the first picture” well…it does! But that’s really the good thing, it means that for 2 weeks all I’ve had to do is spritz the shower down-taking all of 2 minutes, and leave it. I *love* that! So much easier than the weekly scrub down I was having to do that required me to change my clothes so the bleach wouldn’t ruin them and then scrub away awkwardly trying to not rub up against the spots I just did (with my short little arms that was quite the feat!

If you’d like to try out Wet and Forget Shower Spray for yourself you can use their store locator or shop their online store! Don’t forget to get social while you’re at it–they’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too!

Leave a comment letting me know what your best “easy cleaning” tip is!

Nicole Elliott