The Scale: This week I weighed in at 135.2 — so, up a little but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m running again regularly or if it’s because of how I ate this week…one thing that I *still* really need to do is start a food journal so that on weeks like this I can look back and pinpoint what might be going on!

The Treadmill: This past week I ran a mile twice in the evenings like my plan was–sure enough it’s working out great and I’ve been recording my best times ever! So I’m very excited about that!

This Week: is Spring Break and that means that we should be home a lot as most of our normal things are cancelled–both of the kiddos have colds, so I’m planning on a stay-at-home-and-get-some-work-done week! Also I’m going to use it to finally jump on the potty training train for Tyler–I’ve been putting it off thanks to some savvy boy-mom friends who advised me to definitely wait till he was at least 2 1/2 and really seemed interested.

The Discovery: I just recently discovered the wonder that is a Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug. It could be the best, or worst, thing to ever happen to me! Ok, ok, so that’s a bit dramatic. The wonderful thing about it is that I can now have a delicious fresh from the oven cookie taste anytime I want without inhaling five of them and then 5 the next day (portion control!) It’s also helping me be able to stop and think about my night sweets–is it really worth the calories? Or would I just rather wait a day or so and make a cookie to count for both days? Also since it’s homemade it’s automatically less junky just because I’m using fresh ingredients and avoiding all that nasty processed business.

The Menu Plan

Monday ~ Bob’s Hot Bottom Chilli (Family Recipe–coming soon!!!) homemade tortillas
Tuesday ~ Grandma’s Italian Stew & Spaghetti¬† (Family Recipe–coming soon!!!) rolls
Wednesday ~ Italian Chicken in the Oven, Sweet Corn
Thursday ~ Best Ever Meatloaf, Baked Beans
Friday ~ Easy Chicken Cord On Blue, French Style Green Beans
Saturday ~ Chilli Tortilla Casserole (Family Recipe–coming soon!!!) Mexican Rice
Sunday ~ Chicken in Basil Sauce, Sweet Corn

How has your week gone? Leave me your link so I can come and visit and see how your weightloss is going or what your menu plan looks like!

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Nicole Elliott