Many Biblical books written for women cover the topics of being a mom and wife and focus on passages of the Bible like Proverbs 31 and Ephesians 5. In The The Gospel-Centered Woman
Wendy focuses on these topics and passages, but brings a fresh perspective on these well known passages by viewing them through the lens of the Gospel.

 What she does is explain how Jesus should be the person we try most to emulate through our lives–even as women! His life, death, and resurrection is the foundation of our faith and our lives should be lived as such. Her writing is easy and practical while pointing out many hang ups that we as Christians tend to stumble on in our lives. A great example of this is the passage below:

“Instead of seeing myself as connected to Christ at all time, I used to view my relationship with God in terms of intersecting moments during the day. The more times my life intersected with God in a given week, the more “spiritual” I thought I was. In that paradigm, God went on His way and I went on my way until we intersected at some corner on some future day. Instead I have learned to think of myself walking with Jesus continually, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our daily walk together is not just parallel but actually intertwined….the more I am aware of it, the more stable I am emotionally and spiritually.”

She also delves into our self image and the fact that we desperately need to learn to find our fulfillment to our longings and needs in God, yet we so often turn to others-especially men, in particular our spouses,  to fill a void that they cannot fill.

From women who are struggling in their marriages to women who are struggling with being single, for Moms who are exhausted with young children to women whose arms are achingly empty–The Gospel Centered Woman explains why, and how, the gospel is relevant to you in your life, all of the time and I’d highly recommend it!!! It was huge a blessing to me and helped reinforce many things that God has been working on my heart about, I will be buying this as a gift for friends in the future, and it would make a wonderful Bible study alone or with friends as there are discussion questions in the back!

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Nicole Elliott