We all know that the kiddos are having lots of fun hunts this weekend involving Eggs, Chocolate, Bunnies & Baskets. (remember, Amber and Tyler have had 3 already!!) Well I thought that it might be fun for you to get a chance to do some hunting for a prize too! (because kids should get to have all the fun–am I right??!!)
Right now Shoplet your source for Office Supplies has a great Treasure Hunt deal going on! Just watch the video below which is a fun, short one on how eProcurement can help out your Small Business! It’s super simple to set up and can save you lots of time and money in the long run. In my opinion buying anything online is just so much more simple.  Still asking What is eProcurement? Well watch the video and you will find out all the details much better than I could explain–oh and did I mention you will save too?! 

Here’s how the treasure hunt works! Just watch the video below and take note of all the  “treasure code price tags” hidden within the video and then enter them here to get savings off! (Look up in the right hand corner where it says “treasure hunt” and click on the plus sign) The more you find, the more you’ll save (up to 10%). Don’t forget to share the fun and savings with all your friends across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest–wherever you love to get your Social Media On!


Nicole Elliott