How to Get Beautiful Jewelry & Accessories for Less!

So we all know how much I love fine jewelry–if I ever become a celebrity you bet I’m going to have some knock your socks off pieces! I actually read Town&Country simply because I love looking at the jewelry in their advertisements!

 In the meantime our back to college budget doesn’t quite accommodate those opal and sapphire pieces! That’s why when I found out about Paparazzi   I was super excited! A new, fresh company Paparazzi was created to follow the on-trend jewelry fashions and provide it at super affordable prices! For example this past week as I was reading Town&Country I noticed this fabulous necklace (please excuse the cleavage–haha!)

Everything in their magazine is usually upwards of $500 a piece and many are labeled “contact for price” to me that reads “so expensive there’s no way you’ll ever be able to afford this”.  Why was I excited about this particular ad? Because of the Paparazzi pieces I had just received!

Cool right?! This necklace and pearl drop earring set costs just $5!!! That’s right! In fact ALL of Paparazzi’s pieces are just $5! They don’t have catalogs since everything changes so fast but this is great because it means that you not only have super affordable, on trend jewelry you’ll also have pieces that only a few other people will have–definitely not the case if you’re getting affordable jewelry by shopping in a discount store! I had a friend ask me today while I was wearing this where I buy my jewelry–I was happy to tell her about Paparazzi!

The only problems I’ve had at all is that this very loopy necklace has come apart at the rings a few times. I just used a pair of tweezers to open and close them back on again and haven’t had a problem since. Also their pieces that look metal tend to be plastic–this threw me a little at first as I’m used to wearing all metal jewelry but honestly now that I’ve been wearing the pieces for awhile I think I like the plastic better because for big, dangly earrings (like those in the first picture) all metal and stone earrings hurt my ears but these are feather light so I can rock them all day!

 In addition to fabulous earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings Paparazzi also carries a bunch of fabulous girls accessories. I especially fell in love with their hair accessories! Headbands never work on Amber but I love me some girly flower bows and this (yes, just $5) one from Paparazzi is probably one of my all time favorites!!

Just look at how Fluffy-Gorgeous this thing is!!! That’s after being in the mail twice! I love the quality and it stayed put in Amber’s hair even after an entire day of playing-which literally *never* happens with her silky smooth hair! The quality on this is super top notch!

If you’d like to purchase some gorgeous, affordable Paparazzi products for yourself you can find Heather Robinson on her Paparazzi Facebook Page where she keeps an updated inventory of available pieces–(she can take debit and credit cards!) and on her Paparazzi Blog.

One lucky reader will win a $10 + shipping gift card to Paparazzi! (Remember that means you’ll get 2 fabulous items or sets!!)

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Nicole Elliott

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  1. Leslie L. Stanziani

    I love the Blue Necklace 4 set.It would be perfect for my daughter’s 16th birthday.

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