Five Unique Baby Shower Gifts You’re Overlooking ~ Origami Owl, Sue Csira

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: I was provided with the steal your breath gorgeous Origami Owl Locket and gift certificate so that I could bring you this awesomesauce Baby Shower Idea. All pictures, gushing, charm ideas, and cute baby toes are my own.

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like every time I turn around another friend is announcing their pregnancy or the birth of their baby. While this makes me totally happy (and distracted–there’s nothing like an album of maternity or newborn pics on FB to totally derail an hour of planned work, haha) it also means that there is a steady flow of baby and baby shower gifts that need buying!

While registries are always a good idea and tiny outfits are hard to resist sometimes it’s nice to break out of the footie pj box and get a new, useful baby gift that will stand out from the crowd–so for the next five days I’ll be bringing you  Five Unique Baby Shower Gifts You’re Overlooking!

The very first Baby Shower Gift Idea is the one I’m probably *most* excited about! Have you heard of Origami Owl yet? Ever since discovering them a few months ago I’ve been in love and couldn’t wait to get a locket of my own someday, so when I got the chance to through Independent Designer Sue Csira I was through the roof excited!
I couldn’t have possibly imagined how awesome it really would be until it arrived, however! The amazing thing about the company is that you customize every piece of your Living Locket so that when it arrives it is completely and totally “you”. From the delicate silver ball chain to the silver locket to the rose gold “love” plate I’m completely in love with every aspect of my locket! The quality is amazing and it is all very smooth and “heavy duty” feeling–just like fine jewelry should be!
For myself I picked out these charms:
  • Laptop ~ to represent blogging and working from home and all things my life online contains–of course!
  • Camera ~I currently have 7,548 photos on my personal FB page….aaannnnddd I only upload my *favorite* pictures to Facebook…sooo yeah….haha!
  • Christian Fish ~ Self explanatory, right?! If not–I love God and I love Jesus and I’m a Christian saved by grace!
  • I Love to Read ~ Have you checked out my book review section lately? I have a goal of reading 52 books this year!
  • Anchor ~ Because once you’re a Coastie Wife, you’re always a Coastie Wife and of course I had to have something to represent my sweet hubby!
  • February & July birthstones ~ For my two wonderful kiddos–of course!

I love how in just a little circle my entire loves and personality is so neatly and expressively contained! The best thing is that with hundreds of charms you’re sure to create a locket that expresses YOU just as well as my locket expresses me! (Pst ~ there are even more charms and styles about to come–check out this awesome sneak peek!) Also another very cool thing is that you can start out with just a few charms and easily add more as you go along!


So now that I’ve gushed about my locket you might be wondering what this all has to do with a baby shower (well, I hope it should be clear, but you never know!)
In addition to having amazing charms there are a ton of different Mom related charms that are just darling! What better way to celebrate a new life coming into the world than a special, beautiful necklace to show it! I really can’t imagine any mom or mom to be who wouldn’t love a beautiful locket for their shower!
((Pst–these would make *amazing* Mother’s Day gifts as well, just saying!))
The story behind the company is pretty amazing too-so be sure to go check it out!

One lucky winner will receive a $35 gift certificate to put together a gorgeous locket for themselves, a lucky mom-to-be, or your mom!

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Nicole Elliott


  1. Julie Donahue

    I like the wedding ring.

    • Nicole

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. Desiree Dunbar

    I like the Ladybug charm.

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