How To Organize & De-clutter Your Closet in One Minute a Day

How To Organize & De-clutter Your Closet in One Minute a Day

How To Organize & De-clutter Your Closet in One Minute a Day

I mentioned recently that my motto right now is “work smarter, not harder”. This means that I try to organize and clean as quickly and efficiently as possible so I have more time to do other things–like work, spend time with family, and squeeze in some “me time” in there somewhere!

Since we moved to Texas I have found some *amazing* deals on clothes and many items I couldn’t live without. There was just one problem–we massively downgraded from our huge walk-in closet in Boston to two small ones here–one side for hubby, one for me. I knew that I had many ill-fitting, not age appropriate pieces that I rarely wore but the question was how to sort through it all without taking up several days of my time?

The solution for how to organize your closet that I came up with is a complete no-brainer and will take you all of one minute a day–seriously! Basically it takes place when you grab your clothes to get dressed each morning–you take 30 extra seconds to help pull things together!

Have you ever heard the quote “You wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time?” This method also helps make sure that doesn’t happen!

Here is the first step:

How to Organize and Declutter Your Closet

Each morning as you’re getting dressed take 60 seconds to begin grouping like objects together. This will depend on if you’re working or staying at home, and how many different kinds of clothing you personally wear. My wardrobe is very straightforward as a work from home mom and I wear relatively the same kinds of blouses to play dates that I do to grocery shop–so I just divided it up into the basics of skirts, dresses, shirts/blouses, pants, and coats/jackets. If I was working I’d group my clothing into sections for at work and at home, or if I entertained/went out a lot I would divide those clothes separately as well. Since our closet here is so small but we have a lot of storage space elsewhere I also rotate my clothes seasonally so there aren’t any long sleeved/really warm clothes in my closet right now–if you store those all together you’ll also want to divide them up and put the out of season clothing off to the side .

As you’re grouping things together pay attention and if you see anything that you know for sure you’d never wear again toss it into a bag at the bottom of the closet for donating later!

Hopefully it should only take you about a week to get everything all together–if you don’t already. Now you’re ready to move onto step 2—the secret behind organizing in one minute!

Every morning locate the types of clothes you’ll need to wear that day. (Example: If I had a playdate with the kids I’d find the jeans and a blouse. If I was going to church I’d grab a dress or skirt & blouse) Grab whatever clothing item is located on the far left and wear it. It’s that simple.

If you find yourself skipping over a blouse or a pair of pants several days in a row ask yourself why. Is it in the wrong section? Does it not fit right? When was the last time you wore it? If it doesn’t fit great or make you happy you probably won’t wear it–so drop it down into that donate bag! Only hold onto the clothes that look and feel great on you RIGHT NOW and that you’d automatically wear, not skip over.

When you do laundry take the clean clothes and stick them on the far right of the organized types and slide the other ones over, this ensures a loop of clothing where you’ll only be wearing the same shirt about once a month (depending on how many clothes you own). This is also a great time to take stock and decide just how many shirts you really DO need!

This also saves you a bunch of time on the “What do I wear today?” dilemma and solves the mystery of “did I wear this the last time I went out/went to church??”

A possible problem with the “only keep it if it fits right now” rule of thumb: Are you in the baby having “I have no idea what size I’ll be in 6 month stage?” Scoot those pre-baby and odd sized clothing into a drawer or over to the sides of the closet where they’re not front and center but they’re there for motivation and for when you get back down there again–and all the sizes along the way. Before you do though–ask yourself, “Even if I get down to my ultimate weight goal–will this look good enough on my post-baby body to hold on to?” I’ve let go of several pieces that, even though they fit again, just didn’t flatter my body any longer!

After just a few months of this I now have a wardrobe that I wear every single piece of and I know it fits and I love it. This also makes it easy for me to be much pickier now on deal as I know exactly what is in my closet. A system like this especially is crucial in small spaces, because even if you have all your clothes squished in together (as you can see I do) you can still be confident that you’re getting the most bang for your wardrobe and you can find things easily!

Do you have any great closet organizing ideas? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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21 thoughts on “How To Organize & De-clutter Your Closet in One Minute a Day”

    1. I had several pieces I had probably not worn in two years–yet I held onto them….because why??? No good reason, haha! This helps break the “but what if I need it/magically lost 20 lbs” mentality, haha!

  1. I’ve started a system this summer whereby I hang my clothes to the far left after I’ve worn them. So I have not worn anything more than once this season so far (except for yoga pants which do not count.) 😉 This is a system for my clothes-to-be-seen-in-public only. 🙂

    1. See? Great minds DO think alike! 😉 since we’re living with in-laws all my clothing right now is “public” haha! 😀 But yes, I don’t apply this to my “nighttime comfies” 🙂

  2. I have to maintain my closet organization system. I kind of have similar system actually but I have gotten lazy about it. Thank you for the reminder. Great post!

  3. What a great idea! I have many clothing items sitting in my closet for no real reason. I don’t wear them, their only purpose is to collect dust. That all changes tomorrow!

  4. I’ve started doing this…hooray! More hangers haha! I’ve decided that there are clothes I always cringe at when I look at them but for some reason I just can’t get rid of them because I used to love them. So, I’ve started making myself wear them…usually don’t like the results and as soon as the day is over, they go in the garbage! I’ve already thrown out 3 shirts in the last week!! They aren’t even in nice enough condition to want to donate because I’ve had them for like…10 years?

    1. Yey!!! So happy you’re taking my “challenge” 🙂 What is it about those old high school shirts that make us just not want to let go of them? I had some that I loved but couldn’t wear anymore but they were all still in really good condition so since Amber is so big for her age I gave them to her and she wears them as “nightgowns” with soft pants of hers that had holes in them so I turned them into shorts–for some reason I can’t ever throw things away until they have holes in them haha! 😀

      And it’s so much nicer to have a closet that’s clean and not cluttered because then you can actually see what you have/love/need/wear 🙂

  5. It really is helping! Well, I had so much stuff in the closet that I knew I wouldn’t wear and since I wore it and didn’t want to be seen in it, decided it was okay to toss. I’m slowly upgrading my wardrobe and my deal is that if I buy something new, I have to throw out something old until it’s all new 🙂

    1. That definitely makes sense 😉 Yey for it helping already! And that’s exactly how I’ve been doing it too–every time I brought a new piece down I picked an older piece I didn’t love as much to donate–now my wardrobe is like 99% new and I’m loving it!!

  6. This is great! My closet is already organized by item type (dresses / skirts / pants / shirts-by-color!). But I still couldn’t figure out how to rotate things through. I tried the “turn the hanger around” thing but b/c I still SEE my favorite dress or shirt, I’d want to wear it again! 🙂 Putting it on the end of the bar will help me out a lot to see what is “left” to pick from!! TY!!!

    PS: since we’re 4 season, I also put obvious fall/winter clothes just AWAY in a cedar chest or lower drawer for the summer and vice versa. 🙂

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