The Perfect Gift for that Hard to Buy for Techy Person in Your Life

The Perfect Gift for that Hard to Buy for Techy in Your Life

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Story Leather knows we all have “those” people in our lives that are just really hard to buy for! They sent me a fun hot pink case in exchange for my blatherings about how many birthdays we have in July. All before mentioned blathering, pink pictures, and gift musings are my own!

If I seem to have gifts on the brain it’s probably because I do. You see, in our family July is THE month for birthdays. Hubby, Tyler, my sister, my niece, my grandma, me, and my soon-to-arrive nephew, and my childhood bestie are all July babies! So next to Christmas it’s the go-to month that I need gifts for and since I like to be ahead of the game that means that by the end of June I’m trying to wrap up my gift purchases!

I like to be known for getting amazing gifts but inevitably there are those one or two people on your list that are just ridiculous to try and buy for. You know the type! The ones with the expensive tastes who usually have one of everything already because they buy it for themselves as soon as it comes out? Yeah–those ones!

The Perfect Gift for that Hard to Buy for Techy Person in Your Life

I mentioned before that I’m on the lookout for great gifts for birthdays and Christmas year round so whenever I come across a great idea I make sure to get it right away or make a note of it for later! When I came across Story Leather  and their custom, leather, handmade covers I knew that they would be a great resource for those “hard to buy” people in my life! I was sent the Smart Tablet Leather Case for an iPad to check out–they make them for just about every kind of Tablet you can think of!

Story Leather custom iPad Case

The case I was sent came in this super fun hot pink–but never fear! If hot pink isn’t your thing there are 37 different cover colors and looks that you can pick from and you can also personalize the inside color as well–pretty cool! In addition to that you can pick a 10 character word and a 1×1 inch design that you’d like stamped onto the cover which gives it a super special “even the person who has everything won’t have this” feel.

Story Leather custom iPad Case

In a world of “smart” things it makes sense that you’d want a smart case for your tablet-right? This had one of those cool “clicker” covers (as hubby calls them). Inspired by the Smart Cover, it has built-in magnets that protect the tablet with a perfect fit and it also wakes up, stands up, and brightens up your iPad!

Story Leather Custom Tablet Case

Being that it is handmade, custom, and leather it does run a bit on the more expensive side, starting at $129.99. The quality of it is amazing, however, and definitely reflective of the price tag. One thing that I love to do for gifts is to pool my money with others so that we can afford to give  one really nice gift that the giver will love and appreciate, rather than each getting a bunch of small, cheap gifts that might miss the mark!

What do you think The Perfect Gift for that Hard to Buy for Techy Person in Your Life would be? Would you pick something along these lines or something totally different? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Adelina Priddis

    My husbands case looks similar, but it’s not custom made, or have cool personalization. I love the stamping on it.

    • Nicole

      I really liked how it gives it that extra something look to it! 🙂

  2. Meg

    I really like this idea. I’m pretty picky when it comes to my cases for my smart phone and Kindle, so the idea of a customized one definitely appeals to me. I like to buy SLR camera-related gifts for my husband. He has a Nikon SLR and is really getting into photography. Anything from books about photography to a lens that I can get for a good deal, he loves it!

    • Nicole

      I’m fairly picky on all my devices covers too–which is probably why I liked this one so much! That’s very cool that your hubby is into photography–in that case anything photography related is probably a very good idea! 😀

  3. Melissa M. Miller

    Whoa! I love technology, but I’ve hit a financial hurdle. I’m accustomed to being able to maintain 3 laptops, 3 smart phones and the latest gaming technology, but life is not having it these days. Two of my laptops are on the fritz with no hope in sight.

    There was a day when I’d love to get something like this for a family member, but even then $130 for a case is likely not something I would splurge on. I do like the idea of pitching in.

    Can you explain to me the benefit versus a polycarbonate/fabric cover?

    • Nicole Elliott

      I hear ya! All the techy devices can really add up and they tend to crash all too often! I feel that you’d buy this for the same reason you’d buy any leather piece vs a cloth one–leather is much more durable than cloth and would protect it a little better–of course it’s not going to be drop/shock proof like it would be with one of those super heavy duty covers–but I see this as being more for the careful professional 🙂

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