A Letter to Three Year Old Tyler

3 Years Old

Dear Tyler,

Today is July 23, 2013. That means that today you are 3 years old. My baby is truly no longer a baby at all. Instead you’ve turned into quite the little boy–who wants so very much to become a BIG boy. You get so upset whenever you’re not quite big enough, strong enough, quick enough, or coordinated enough to do something. The older you get the happier you seem with life–finally able to express your (strong) opinions and to have a choice in  things.

You’re always in a hurry–I literally think I’ve only ever seen you walk a few times in your entire life. Normally you’re a continual ball of motion–never moving slowly but constantly running, skipping, hopping, jumping, or leaping to your next destination. You’re happiest when we are out and about, going somewhere and doing something, you hate to just be stuck in the same place for hours on end.

Tyler 3 Years Old

You are my high maintenance little guy–I like to joke that you somehow got all sorts of bits and pieces from all of the different men in our families–and somehow managed to grab all their bad parts. You are definitely strong willed and quick tempered,  but you are also incredibly smart, loving, and sweet.

One minute you will be arguing with anyone just for the sake of doing it–the next giving a compliment that melts my heart.

For being so cranky you’re also incredibly charming when you want to be and you are extremely outgoing to strangers (also, only when you feel like it)–they all think that you’re adorable and brilliant.


You hate for anyone to leave you–especially me. You throw a huge, giant fit anytime I try to leave you in a nursery, only for me to come back and you to tell me, “I have a funny day mommy! I miss you soooooo much.” They always say that as soon as you finish pitching your fit you’re the best behaved child there.

You have beautiful long eyelashes, big brown eyes, and a huge, deep belly laugh. You are still desperately in love with any type of construction or emergency vehicle and shout in delight whenever you see one. Although you and Amber do bicker like siblings, you also love each other very much and miss each other when you can’t be together.


I know that you’re destined for huge things–someone as much as a mover and shaker as you are will never be bound to go through this life quietly. I hope that I am up to the task of leading you and helping you learn how to develop your amazing qualities and handle your more difficult ones with patience.

One thing is for certain, life as your Mommy is always an adventure, and I can’t wait to see you grow older each year, even as I mourn losing my sweet baby.

Tyler 3 Years Old

Love you always,



  1. Adelina Priddis

    So sweet!! Happy Birthday to him!

    • Nicole

      Thank you! We had a nice day!

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