Fall Fashion 2013 ~ Darby’s & Bootights

Fall Fashion ~ Darby's & Bootights

Legalese Nonsense: knowing how much I love boots, I couldn’t say yes fast enough when I was offered to review tights & knee highs specifically made for them. All modelesque poses, new hair cuts & coloring, and massive amounts of boots are my own.

Fall Fashion 2013

I can hardly believe it but the end of the month is sneaking up super fast and with it comes back to school and that means one thing for sure–Fall is going to be here faster than I can possibly imagine! While there are many wonderful things about Summer, down here in Texas my favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. Now only do they bring much appreciated relief from the intense heat and humidity, they also allow for a little more *fun* and variety when it comes to fashion–bye bye shorts, tank tops, and flip flops; hello jackets, sweaters, long sleeves, and new shoes! Fall Fashion 2013!

Now, I have a confession to make. I’m really not much of a shoe gal. In fact it hasn’t been until the past several years that I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of a good set of heels or a pair of Mary Jane’s. I do, however, LOVE boots. And when I say I love boots I mean….

Fall Fashion ~ Darby's & Bootights

I. LOVE. BOOTS. Because, as you see above, for a “not a shoe gal” who prides herself on Organizing in Small Spaces and having a de-clutterd and paired down wardrobe, to own 9 pairs of boots in a climate that only allows me to wear them a few months out of the year–well, what can I say?

Because I love boots so much I know the trouble that they can sometimes bring–especially ones that are like my cowgirl boots or bear paw boots which are all the teensist bit big for me. If you don’t wear a nice, thick pair of socks with them you’ll end up with blisters (ask me how I know)–not cool! Not to mention the other things that go along with tights in boot weather (ie suffering with slipping &  sweaty feet, cold toes,  snags and runs)  But how fashionable is it to wear thick socks with boots or how convenient is layering socks over tights or knee highs–especially in a cute little wrap dress during fall or winter time? (I’ll answer that for you–it’s not!)

Fall Fashion ~ Darby's & Bootights

Shelby Mason was tired of all the hassle that goes into what to wear in her adorable boots, too, so she came up with two darling and functional solutions in Darby’s & Bootights® which combine a real sock with fashionable knee highs or textured tights. You can see above how easily fashion meets function in these very cool products. I’m seriously in love with the pattern on my pair of Darby’s!

Fall Fashion ~ Darby's & Bootights

I love that with just switching out my boots and Darby’s/Bootights I can get two completely different feeling outfits–both of which are darling and ones that I’d be very comfortable in sporting to church, my moms group, or a date! (not many outfits fit into all those categories).

Fall Fashion ~ Darby's & Bootights

The textured tights are awesome too! They have the sock attached, just like the Darby’s shown above and they made these boots fit perfectly! I love that these ones are just subtly textured-very classy! They’re also nice and thick/heavy duty which I always look for in tights since they’re much less prone to get runs right away–which is very important when you’re buying the higher priced ones!

I’m very happy with both products so far, and am looking forward to rocking them once the cooler weather sets in!

How Many Boots Do you Own? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Heather Robinson

    I think I have 7 pairs…3 black, 1 gray like yours above only they are taller, 1 gray cowgirl, 1 brown, 1 snow boot (but they are way cute and don’t look clunky). Don’t think I forgot any lol.

    • Nicole Elliott

      Boots are so much fun! You have several pairs too!

      • Heather Robinson

        They are the best!! Go with everything.

        • Nicole

          For sure! And most are super comfy but look so cute and stylish too!

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