Almost a Big Boy & How Luvs Is Helping!

Luvs Diapers The Clue Is In the Blue
Legalese Nonsense: After 3 weeks of washing sheets, stuffed animals, and blankets *every* day I was ready to say yes to anything that would provide relief! Cue SheSpeaks & Luvs offering me a chance to try their Super Absorbent Diapers! All skeptical opinions, almost big boys, and adorable diapered tushies are my own.

Tyler is a big boy…..almost. At 3 years old he’s potty trained (mostly) and in a big boy bed that he stays in (4 nights out of 7).

When Amber was little almost as soon as she turned 2 I jumped on Operations Lose the Paci  & Ditch the Diapers, with the motivation of new baby arriving soon I was happy and relieved when she was both Paci-Free and Potty Trained relatively quickly & easily. Tyler…well Tyler is a whole different kettle of fish. Ever my super strong willed boy he’s also still considered “the baby” since there is no new little Elliott planned for a very long time to come. Also I’m very thankful for many of my mommy friends with older boys who highly encouraged me to not push potty training until he was after 3 years old–advice I was more than happy to listen to!

So his paci hung around for a super long time past his 2nd bday at night & naps until Bob figured out he was still using it and put and ending to all that cold turkey. (brutal but it worked, haha!!!) As far as potty training goes I halfheartedly started off when he was about 2 1/2 and he’d “get” it then decide he didn’t really care anymore, and with how busy I’ve been over the past 1/2 year and how much travelling we’ve been doing I knew that when he was ready, it would happen, so I haven’t pushed it. Once he turned 3 I cracked down and now he’s doing well but I still need/use diapers for naps & bedtimes. I’ve been having problems lately, however, since he’s such a big kid and he still naps for several hours a day and sleeps for 11-12 hours straight at night (no hating please–he’s a force to be reckoned with when he’s awake and *never* stops moving, which is why he needs so much sleep, haha!) So anyways because of all of that lately he’s been *soaking* through his diapers–even those uber expensive over night ones, boo!

Luvs Diapers The Clue Is In the Blue

Cue SheSpeaks and Luvs offering me the test to try out their new super absorbent diapers! I was excited, hopeful, but extremely skeptical. Want to know why? Watch this short video to find out!



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You might think that I’m going off about these stretchy tabs a bit much–but I know if you have a super wiggly little one you’ll get why having stretchy tabs that *don’t* rip off is so important. There are a lot of frustrations that can be involved with diapers, but having to throw away a brand new one due to a ripped tab is one of my biggest pet peeves!

Luvs Diapers The Clue Is In the Blue

This former Luvs hater is now a total convert!! I will absolutely be stocking up on these and using them until my little guy is *all the way* a big boy….and now thanks to Luvs I’m not in a hurry for it to happen any time *too* soon!

Have you tested out the new Luvs? Were you converted? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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