We All Have “That Moment” happen — Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi to the rescue!

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Legalese Nonsense: I’ve needed all the help I could get the past month, so I’ve been super thankful for products that have helped make my life easier like Purex UltraPacks with Oxi–getting sent a bag to tell you about it? Even better!

So the past few weeks have been beyond absolutely insane.

{I know you’ll want to hear all about it, it’s a tale of terror and woe–but don’t forget to scroll aaallll the way to the bottom because there’s some really important news *cough*freestuff*cough* that you’ll want to find out about!}

If you’re a faithful reader (which I hope you are!!!) You might have noticed I went a little MIA about half way through September and have only been posting super sporadically ever since. The reason for this was that about Saturday, September 14th I started getting sick–at first it was just a minor cold which was annoying but I was still able to do everything I normally do. Then it turned into a bad cold which started to slow me down and I had to spend a few days at home just working but not going anywhere. By the following Saturday not only was I not getting better–I was so sick I couldn’t do anything at all. As I joked later you know it’s bad when I’m so sick I can’t even open up my laptop and get on Facebook! So that day hubby dragged me to the walk-in clinic. The diagnosis? Ear & Sinus Infections and lots and lots of drugs & antibiotics for nearly 2 weeks. I ended up having to take about 4 days completely “off” of everything. Well, when you work for 3 companies and run 2 others it’s amazing how *behind* 4 days off can put you!!!!

This week I’ve been well enough to leave the house (hurray!) and am frantically getting caught up on everything…well, er, trying to??!! One area that got *horribly* neglected during all this time was–can you guess it by the picture above?! Laundry! As I posted to Instagram–thank heavens for understanding hubbies who just step OVER the laundry explosion and don’t say a word about it!

{before anyone pipes up poor hubby is pulling 17 credits of crazy tough University Level classes like Calculus 2, Physics for Engineers, and many other engineering courses–he’s been as or more crazy than me}

Now that I’m ready to tackle the world–or at least Mt. Washmore–I have decided to try and do it as quickly and painlessly as possible! And I have a few tricks up my sleeve!

Purex Ultra Packs with Oxi

Behold the power of Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi – single dose laundry – when combined with child labor sweet, happy willing children. Amber has been an absolute dear during this entire time and has been helping me out big time by doing most of the dishes each night ((oh yeah…have I mentioned that our dishwasher has been broken for like 2 months now?? And that the repairmen have been out 8!!! times and it’s still broken?? But that’s an entirely different story!)) and now that she’s a little older (and super tall for her age) she can even help out with laundry!

Purex Ultra Packs with Oxi

{ practical sillyness disclaimer — ok so if you have a child who thinks that these darling little blue packets look more like treats than soap, or who would take one and smear it into their eyeballs–obviously don’t let them by them. All laundry was done under my supervision }

These cute little packets hold a powerful punch of clean and I love that once I sorted and started the water I could tell Amber to throw the clothes in and the laundry pods (when she gets to put in the soap she gets all excited because it’s “so grownup”).  I love the extra stain fighting power the Zout stain removers brings which is perfect for sweaty workout clothes, undergarments, or….errrr….towels that have been flooding out of the laundry basket for we won’t say how long.

Purex Ultra Packs with Oxi

Easy, always affordable, and hard working–everything I demand from all the products I buy!

To help celebrate Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Purex is hosting a super fun “Find the Red Jersey Sweepstakes” on their site. 10 Lucky winner will win $50 — so go check it out!

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