Christmas Gift Guide 2013 ~ The Perfect Gift for Any Baby

Christmas Gift Guide

Yes–that’s right! This is the kick off post to my Christmas Gift Guide!

Now, now–before you start hurling rotten tomatoes at me and shouting the virtues of Thanksgiving hear me out! I agree–the Christmas trees up in the mall already *are* a bit much. But when it comes to shopping–well I’ve been Christmas shopping since February!! If you were around last year you’ll know I believe in shopping early and staying organized, and then using the month of December for traditions and family — not fighting the crowds and focusing on the material! Every year I try to have ALL my Christmas gifts bought and shipped by December 1st–I’m nearly there!

So with that disclosure I’m super excited to bring you ….

 Graco Little Lounger
Legalese Nonsense: I will absolutely drive to Dallas if it means I get to meet other bloggers, have 3 hours of drive time sans kids singing at the top of my lungs, get fed, learn exercise tips from a pro, and walk away with one of the coolest baby products I’ve ever seen. All mommy thoughts, lack of pregnancy announcements, and before mentioned erratic behavior is all my own.

First off I will preface this post with the fact that NO — contrary to what you seeing me with a baby swing that holds infants up to 30 lbs. might lead you to believe — there will be NO big, exciting announcements from me concerning the expansion of our family at any point within the next-couple-of-years future! (unless you all know something I don’t?!) *However* I know that most of you do have babies, will also at some point in the next-few-years future have one, or know someone who is pregnant right now. I seems like every time I turn around another friend or family member is announcing their pregnancy, so there is a lot of use for the Graco Little Lounger in my life and I knew there would be in yours as well!

Graco Little Lounger Blogger Event

Exactly one week ago on November 7th I got to hop into my car and drive down the road a bit to meet up with some East Texas Bloggers and attend an event to learn a little more about the Graco Little Lounger. Can you spot me in the picture above? If not I’m right below the “a” in the banner!

 Graco Little Lounger

Veteran Mom Tip: Buy clothes in gender specific colors, buy big items like car seats, swings, and chairs in gender neutral patterns!

Ok let’s first start off with how CUTE this product is!!! Like I mentioned above I made the (very smart in hindsight) choice to pick all of Amber’s car seats, chairs, and swings/exasaucers in gender neutral tones, which really paid off when Tyler came along! While this is super smart usually it’s also kind of a boring, practical choice because, let’s be honest, most gender neutral is call “neutral” for a reason–it’s pretty blllaaaahhhhh. I’m SO in love with the Graco Little Lounger™ in Caraway™ because although it could definitely be used for a boy or a girl it’s soooo beautiful!!!

Seriously— WHERE was this product when Amber and Tyler were babies?? Both of them had their own little versions of colic and the only things that seemed to help was their bouncy chair with the vibrator on and/or their swing. And usually I’d have to keep swapping them around the different products to keep them happy. Such a hassle!

The Graco Little Lounger says it’s 2 products in one — but honestly I think of it as 3 products in one! It’s almost like a bassinet, swing, and bouncy chair all in one! Since the kids were colicky they slept in their swing/bouncy chair/car seat the first several months of their lives. Yes, not recommended but speak to any parent whose babies had colic and I can guarantee you that they’ll tell you the exact same story! I even “confessed” this fact to my pediatrician sure I was an awful parent and her response was, “Hey, as long as you are both managing to get some sleep, and you’re doing it safely I’m totally ok with them sleeping anywhere they can!” I can so have seen the Graco Little Lounger being a total lifesaver for me because it combines the vibrations of a bouncy seat, the motion of a swing by rocking (though it comes with locks to secure it too!) and the peace of mind a safety harness and mesh sides provide! Oh and you can adjust the babies angle–so they can either lay down flat, or be more at an incline-which is awesome because a big thing that helped relieve my kiddos colic/why they slept in funky places was the fact they needed to be inclined up–so the fact this product provides both options in an easy transition is yet another perk!

 Graco Little Lounger Features

The feature list is quite impressive–don’t you agree?? Two of the features that I love the most are that it is fold-able & that the pad is easily removed for washing–clearly Graco actually listened to mom feedback when creating this product! I can’t tell you how many times I fought and fought to get the covers off of my swing when an “unfortunate incident” happened in it, ugg!!

 Graco Little Lounger Features

As someone who has taken MANY cross country with baby road trips and only ever lived in Small Spaces the fact it folds up this compactly and easily is a dream! It’s also very lightweight–making it easy to haul around even for me!

Also at $79.99 this product is a steal! That is a price tag that even we could have afforded when the kids were babies, and that’s saying a lot 😉 This product is available at Babies R Us, Target, and buybuy Baby — each place carries a  different fashion!

Baby Boot Camp

So, once you get this amazing product what are you going to do with that little bit of extra time it buys you? Why not fit in a great 15 minute work out? At the event we had one of the instructors from Baby Boot Camp come share some quick fitness ideas that would give a great work out in a short amount of time using the Little Lounger in to get some face time with baby as well! She provided a bunch of great tips and ideas including the one in the picture above which involved balance and singing “I’m a Little Teapot” I loved it! I’m definitely going to start using the tips — my “big kids” would still get a kick out of it! 😉

I really am SO pleased with this product and can’t wait to gift mine to someone–or maybe I’m just going to hoard it for that some time in the couple more years future…hmmm…..

Keep up with all of Graco’s amazing baby products on Facebook and Twitter!

What in your opinion is the Best Baby Present to give new parents?

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  1. Definitely wished I had one of these with Elijah. The “nursery” was still Isabel’s room when he came along (Isabel’s big girl room was in the process of getting painted, etc.), so he ended up having to sleep in our room, but didn’t really like his pack ‘n play. I think this would’ve been great!

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