The Gift of Holiday Smells

Febreze Holiday Scent

Legalese Nonsense: I shop at Walmart weekly and we *always* have a huge stock of Febreze products on hand, so when SheSpeaks offered to send me a kit with some love from both companies my nose couldn’t have been happier! All stinky families, smell induced nostalgia, and turkey princesses are my own!

The Gift of Holiday Smells

When I think of the holidays my mind always goes to the sights, sounds, tastes and smells! To me the holidays just wouldn’t be the holidays without the smells! From my homemade cookies of all varieties baking in the oven, to the crisp smells of fall, to the scent of evergreen, to the spicy kitchen smells from sizzling goodness, and cranberry laden wreaths I just LOVES the smells of the holiday!

When you have 2 little kids and 3 dogs in your house, however, the smells around the holidays aren’t always so lovely–it’s just a fact of life! Because we realize this, in addition to all of those lovely natural smells, I always call in “back up” AKA Febreze Holiday products to ensure *all* our rooms keep smelling nice no matter what other odors might try to come our way!

Febreze Holiday Scent

Although Febreze has a great variety of Holiday Scents like Holiday Frost and Glistening Pine to pick from, I was super happy that I was sent Cranberry Cider. I knew that we’d been needing a little extra scent help in the kitchen by the trash can, and in the kids room, so this delicious scent was the perfect match for those two rooms, especially when it came in the refillable plug in and the “set and forget” options!

Febreze Holiday Scent

I also love the great crafts that come along with the holidays! Recently Amber brought one home that made me laugh! Her teacher sent home a picture of a turkey, and said that our mission was to “disguise” it for Thanksgiving so it wouldn’t get eaten! Amber (of course) decided that she wanted to make it into a princess–and the above was our final results.

I love that the cranberry plug in scent in the kitchen is noticeable and yet subtle at the same time–so it eliminates the full-garbage-funk but doesn’t complete or smell weird when I do bake or cook!


When it comes to the funky smells that sometimes accompany kids rooms I’ve always been at a bit of a loss. I don’t want any kind of plug in as I know Tyler would “experiment” with plugging and unplugging, and even if wax won’t burn in warmers it WILL make a huge mess and Amber is *so* tall that she can reach on top of even the dresser! I usually resort to spray, but that doesn’t give a continuous fragrance. So when I got the “set and forget” option in this small and subtle package I knew exactly what to do with it!

It fits in perfectly on Tyler’s Airplane Shelf that I painted for him last year. I love how it blends in and doesn’t clash, and since it’s up on the wall it’s out of reach of even Amber’s hands. The smells has been SO much better in the room since I put it in there and I’m definitely going to be buying lots of refills for it in the future!

What Holiday scent is your favorite or what is your favorite memory attached with a holiday smell? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Heather Robinson

    We have used these in the utility room where the cats are downstairs. Between that and the Glade kitty litter we use, you really can’t tell we have cats!

    • Nicole

      Nice!!! You know that products are good when they can really stand up to the funky smells 😉 😀

  2. Jaimin

    Yummm….Cranberry Cider sounds like it would smell wonderful! I may have to get some! I love the fall/winter/holiday scents the best when it comes to getting something yummy smelling for my home. 🙂

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