human braiding hair

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: I was already planning and excited about watching this with my family, so when I got the chance to watch, be given snacks to eat, and get a little something to tell you all about it? Brown paper packages tied up with strings! 😉

The Hills are alive…

Who of my generation didn’t grow up in love with the Sound of Music? (crazy people–that’s who!!!) I remember watching The Sound of Music regularly from the time I was itty bitty–and I had just been thinking recently that it was time to introduce it to Amber and Tyler–they love singing as much as I do (as yes, as enthusiastically off-key as I do too, hahaha!)

So when I first hear rumors of a new Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood I was very intrigued, but hesitant. I mean–I looove me some Carrie Underwood, she’s one of my favorite singers of all time (total Country Music girl at heart remember?) but at first I was thinking that they were re-doing the entire movie and I was thinking that some things you just can’t re-do.

So when I found out that it was actually a Live Stage production based on the original Broadway musical, I was super excited–this I definitely think they could pull off and do a smashing job on!

So tonight I’m letting Amber and Tyler stay up late (Yes–it’s showing a 7 Central time–my kids have really early bedtimes!) And we’ll snuggle in, eat some delicious Christmas treats and cocoa, and I’ll let my new generation with a whole new generation of Von Trapps! It’s going to be an amazing new Holiday Tradition–I hope you’ll join me! I’ll be tweeting while I watch so come let me know what you’re thinking of the preformance in real-time by using the hashtags #faithandfamily #SoundofMusic

See you tonight at 8 EST/ 7 Central on NBC for the Sound of Music Live! For lots of fun behind the scenes peaks check out The Sound of Music Live! Website!