Hot Holiday Look – 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

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It’s no secret that I looooove makeup! So when I was approached by Conde Nast to see if I’d like to try out a whole bunch of Mary Kay Makeup in exchange for re-creating a hot holiday look with my own twist, well let’s just say I was dancing around the Christmas tree full of joy and glee! (no, I’m not exaggerating, just ask my Mom-in-Law!!) I’ve used and loved Mary Kay over the years, and I remember my mom always using their foundation the entire time I was growing up.

The look I was selected to recreate was the Silver Screen Siren–the classic beauties from the 40s era! I was sooo excited because this is one of my favorite eras, so I was tickled to get to re-create it! I knew it would be the perfect look for going to the Nutcracker with Amber and Diane. There is an awesome production of it here in Tyler with accompaniment of a live Orchestra & the main dancers are flown in from the New York Ballet Company. Although I went to The Nutcracker nearly every year growing up (and was in it once!) this year was the very first time either of them had been, so we all got “dressed to the nines” to celebrate!



I used this picture as my look inspiration–how gorgeous is she?! I loved how this look really played up the Plum lips,  Shimmery eyes with a reference to violet tones in lip color, and a Subtle flush for cheeks. It was exactly what I was looking for! So armed with this picture and the amazing products and further pictures, videos, and tips from the Silver Screen Siren trend page I dug into my new Christmas presents and got started!

40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

Step 1 – Wash & clean your face of all makeup – As anyone who has done make up knows, one of the most important factors is the biggest one–having a great base! When you’re creating an evening look you’ll usually need to take your day makeup off first, so it’s a good idea to use Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover to get it all off first. You need a clean palate to work with and any reside from before will “gum” things up and not allow you to create the smooth look you need!

Step 2 – Create Your Foundation Next I used my regular Foundation to help smooth out my complexion since I had a few blemishes (boo!) For those places where I needed even extra help the Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen worked great! I used it for my under eyes and my blemishes. Don’t forget to put it in darker areas on your face, like by the outside creases of your nose!

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

Step 3 – Create Subtly Smokey Eyes This look relies on shimmering smokey eyes with a touch of violet to  compliment the lips. Here are the steps for creating this look!

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

Subtle Smokey Eye Steps

1. First prepare  your eyes using Mary Kay® Eye Primer (a little goes a long way!) Then Line your eyes using Mary Kay® Eyeliner in Deep Brown. Use eyeshadow brush to smudge slightly.

2. Using an eyeshadow crease brush take the darkest plum color in the Mary Kay At Play™ Baked Eye Trio On the Horizon and put it over your eyelid, especially focusing on the crease and feathering it up and out past the outside corner of your eye (just the tiniest play on the “cat eye” look)

3. Take the brighter purple from Mary Kay At Play™ Baked Eye Trio On the Horizon and using a regular shadow brush put some on your eyelid from the middle towards the outside corner.

4. Using a cream eye color brush take Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist and place on your lid from the inside corner of your eye to the middle. Also carry it around the inside corner of your eye and place some below your eye, directly beneath your lower lash line.

5. Take the lightest color from your Mary Kay At Play™ Baked Eye Trio On the Horizon and place it on the inside corner of your eye, and around the bottom. Also place it right below your eyebrow. Then take your brush and blend all the eye-shadows together using small circular motions.

6. Using the Mary Kay® Eyeliner in Deep Brown once more line the top of your eyes in a narrow line right by your eyelashes. Next put on Mary Kay® Lash Primer followed by 2 coats of Mary Kay® Lash Love® Mascara in black

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

Step 4 – Define Your Cheeks This look plays up the porcelain glamor, but in order to pull off the dark lips a little cheek color is a must! I used just a touch of Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush for the apples of my cheeks, and then used Sparkling Cider for contouring. If you’ve never contoured your face before you take a thinner makeup brush–they make ones specifically for it but I always just use a shaped powder brush, and then you make the infamous “duck face”.  (Note–this is the ONLY time it is ok to make this face). Fish lips also work. When you do this you can see the natural angles of your face, you’ll want to sweep the blush down along your face angles. This should be a super light dusting of both and then you’ll want to blend blend blend them in until you can’t notice them. You can see from the picture I took you can’t see hardly any color, but when you look at my final picture my face doesn’t look washed out (and it looks skinnier because of this!).

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

 Step 5 – Make Your Lips The Stars! I have to admit that I normally shy away from bold lips colors. However, when I do wear bold colors I always wonder why I don’t more often, because really my lips are one of my best features! Any woman can rock a bold lip, however, and this plummy version is particularly flattering–so don’t let it scare you!!!

  • First prepare your lips by using a a rough washcloth to remove any of the rough skin on them. You just scrub them with it and it does a great job! (Super important when you’re wearing a bold lip color–especially in the winter!)
  • Then place a coat of TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer on, it will help soften and keep your bold color in place.
  • Next take the Mary Kay® Lip Liner in Plum and **Important Tip** put it all over your lips. That’s right! The best way to use lip liner to avoid that weird two-tone old lady look is by using it as another base–it will still do it’s job, even better in fact!
  • Now take Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick in Mystic Plum and apply it to your top and bottom lips and rub them together.
  • Finally take a very light pink glossy lip gloss and place a dab in the very middle of your bottom & top lips and then rub them together. This will create that super flattering light reflect you see in my inspiration picture, and also makes your lips appear more full!

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

Step 6 – Add the Finishing Touches! Now your look is complete but you don’t want all that hard work to rub/smudge/run off easily! This is where the finishing touches comes in. Using a powder brush apply a light coat of Mary Kay® Translucent Loose Powder all over. This helps polish your look and gives your skin that dreamy airbrushed look (without the help of Photoshop!) Finally spritz your face with Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia to help keep it all in place!

The final result?

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

And my Instagram selfie which has gotten a HUGE amazing response–my friends are the sweetest ever!

Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

Go Here to check out more information about how you can re-create the Silver Screen Siren look for yourself including a video! Mary Kay also has 2 other amazing holiday looks in case this isn’t up your alley — Flapper Chic and The White Hot Suit.

Let me know in a comment or through social media if you try out any of these looks–I’d love to see a picture — be sure to keep Mary Kay in the loop too through Facebook or on Twitter!

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