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Hawk Nelson Made
Legalese Nonsense: Being a long time Hawk Nelson fan how cold I not say yes when offered the chance to review their latest album?! all skeptical hubbies and lyric loving opinions are, as always, my own!

Today for the Music Lover on your list I’m recommending the newest CD from Hawk Nelson, Made.

When I first got this cd in hubby took one look at the cover and said, “Oh–so they’re all hipster main stream now, are they?” And yes, I admit at first glance, and even at first listen, Hawk Nelson seems to have taken the turn that many of their counterparts have in turning away from their original hard edge rock-punk vibe and falling into the trend of high selling, crowd pleasing, punk pop, worship musicĀ  vibes.

Wyoming Girl turned

On second listen, however, deep spiritual truths and beautiful lyrics begin to appear beneath the surface. The music is great and catching, but it doesn’t just stop there, which is why I’ve fallen in love with this CD. Listening it to several times a day driving Amber back and forth to school, I’ve really gotten a chance to really soak in the music and lyrics. There are several fun and upbeat songs–like A Million Miles away which gives a nod to the verse in Psalms, and Elevator which is a favorite of the kids–we blast it and all sing it at the top of our lungs while dancing right before we drop Amber off at school each day–it became a super fun, spontaneous daily tradition and now they both know it by heart!

The songs that have touched my heart, however, have been their slower songs on the album. The title track, Made, is completely beautiful! Here are some of the lyrics from it:

Why do you hide from who you are?
Why do you run from the mirror, pretend to be who you’re not?
Why do you fight to accept yourself?
Aren’t you more than the tears you’ve cried and the fear you’ve felt?

Oh, tell me what you see
Tell me what you see
And I’ll tell you something else

You’re beautiful, wonderful
Perfectly made, perfectly made
You’re meant to be what you see
You’re not a mistake, not a mistake

Brighter than stars that shine
You light up the Maker’s eyes

And you’d believe if you could see
The smile on His face
The moment you were made

Isn’t that just amazing?! Many of the songs have deep, wonderful lyrics like this! It’s definitely become one of my favorite CDs ever and I’d highly recommend it! At just $8.95 it’s a steal and would make an amazing stocking stuffer or present for someone you need an amazing gift for but don’t want to break the bank. It’s gotten a bunch of other great reviews too–so be sure to check those out on Amazon!

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