Gift for the Photog in Your Life – Capturing Every Day Life by Jane Goodrich

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Although I took a photography class in college, it was ages ago, and the class was for SLR Cameras–yep, film! Recently, however, I got a dream of mine granted that I’ve had ever since taking that class!

Gift for the Photog in Your Life – Capturing Every Day Life by Jane Goodrich


I’m now the proud owner of a Nikon D3200 Digital SLR! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying my better picture quality on here over the past few months!

I knew I needed to upgrade my camera, but I was hesitating at jumping into the Digital SLR world with it being so long since I messed around with f stops and apertures I hardly remembered what they meant. So when I got the chance to review award winning photographer Jane Goodrich’s book Capturing Every Day Life: The no-nonsense, cheese-free, read-while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide to taking top-notch, world-class photos of your kids I jumped at the chance.

Capturing Every Day Life by Jane Goodrich

True to her word, this book really is an easy-as-pie, read after bedtime kind of photography book. I loved that it’s broken into sections, so you can read it straight through, or jump exactly to what you need.

I really enjoyed her “Choosing a Camera” section. It’s partially what helped me to determine that a “prosumer” model was exactly what I was looking for, and that it wouldn’t be nearly as scary to use as I was remembering!

Her run down of the “magic triangle” of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO was very helpful as well! It was just the reminder I needed, and she does a great job of breaking each area down in a simple to understand way while using lots of helpful visuals.

The whole book is very visually appealing, with graphics and photographs on every page to illustrate what is being talked about–a must have for any photography book. The only thing that I found to fault at all with this book, however, is the fact that some of the visuals feel a bit blurred. I believe it is the quality of the cover and paper of the book, rather than the quality of the graphics or photos. But is was a little odd to me that a book covering amazing photography would have illustrations that were less than the highest quality.

The quality of the content throughout this book is solid, however. She has several other great sections in this book like the best time and place for photos, the best tips for working with kids, and even specific tips for kids by age, which are all great!

I’d highly recommend this book, it’s the perfect gift for any photography lover on your list, whether they’re a novice who loves posting pictures of their kids to facebook, or a mid-level amateur like myself who needs some brushing up and guidance on choosing a nicer camera.

Right now it’s $22 on Amazon and I think that this is a good price for the vaulable and no-nonsense guidance you’ll get through this. You could spend hours and hours sifting through Pinterest to find this same information, yes, but honestly I did a little of that to come away feeling overwhelmed and confused. Jane presents it all in a manner that was perfect for a super busy working mom like me who really wanted to cut to the point. Other readers must agree–it has 5 stars for a rating so far!

Also, it’s not too late to order this for Christmas! If you have Amazon Prime (totally worth the $79 a year IMHO) you get free 2 day shipping!

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