Perfectly Practical Gift – twooth® time brushin’, flossin’ fun kit

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So I’m completely stealing my title from a catchphrase of my blogging buddy Pary Moppins 🙂 But it fit this gift so well I just had to use it!

Perfectly Practical Gift - Twooth Timer Kit
Legalese Nonsense: having little ones who need to brush their teeth, I knew the Twooth Timer Kit was a perfect fit for any family–including mine! All nutcrackers, santa hats, and crazy countertops are my own.

Perfectly Practical Gift – twooth® time brushin’, flossin’ fun kit

If you’re a long time reader I’m sure you’ll remember my first post about the Twooth Timer! (take a few minutes to go over and read that post even if you do remember–look at how little Amber looks there!!! Ack! Where has the time gone?!)

Through the years we have continued to love and use our Twooth Timer all the time, and it’s done its job wonderfully! When we moved and all our things went into storage it got buried within the piles of bathroom decor and towels, however. I was surprised to find how much the kids and I were missing it! So when I found out that the company had a new twooth® time brushin’, flossin’ fun kit out which included the Twooth® Timer I knew I wanted to get the kids one!

Perfectly Practical Gift - Twooth Timer Kit

At $19.99 it makes a great, practical gift for any kid and includes a bunch of fun items! In addition to the  Twooth® Timer the kit includes the Brushin’, Flossin’ Fun booklet which is full of twooth trivia and fun games; the Tess Oral Health’s extra-soft bristled children’s toothbrush and travel case which has nifty bumps and grooves to make it perfect for little fingers to grip, colorful and fun-shaped flossers to make the introduction to flossing fun and not scary or hard, Plak Smacker’s Great White Shark® toothpaste which is kid tasty and dentist approved, and Twoothy T™ and Twooth® Fairy Temporary Tattoos which my kid get the very most excited  about!

Perfectly Practical Gift - Twooth Timer Kit

I wish I would have thought of it sooner but these would make amazing gifts to include when you do things like Operation Christmas Child, Angel Trees, or any of those various “give to those who don’t have” types of things each Christmas. (Which I really, really hope all my readers do!!!) This would be perfect kind of gift because those things often as you to include toothbrushes & toothpaste–why not make it feel like something really special by including this entire kit?!

How do you get your children excited about brushing? Do you have any perfectly practical gift ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!

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