School Gift Exchange Idea – Sea Monster Book Series

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A few years ago we were thrilled to receive a copy of Sea Monster’s First Day.In fact here’s a picture of little 3 year old Amber!

School Gift Exchange Idea - Sea Monster Book SeriesSchool Gift Exchange Idea - Sea Monster Book Series

It’s an absolutely adorable book about a little sea monster (related to the Loch Ness Monster 😉 ), who is a little anxious about going to a new school. His mother helps to reassure him but at school he has a hard time fitting in. Everyone seems to be in a group, and he’s doesn’t manage to play very well. All ends happily in the tale, however, as he finds new friends and has a great time! It’s a sweet book and it’s been one of the few books that I read regularly to her as a 3 year old that I’m still finding myself reaching for on a continual basis now that she is 5 and Tyler is 3. Her and Tyler both enjoy the darling illustrations and fun storyline, and I enjoy the sweet, clean humor that’s worked throughout the book that goes over their heads but I enjoy–such as the connection to “Uncle Nessy” that I mentioned before. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you plan on homeschooling your children it’s a fun way to help kids learn how to cope with an situation where they’ll be the new kid on the block.

School Gift Exchange Idea - Sea Monster Book Series

Because of our love of the first book in the series I was very excited to find out there is now another Sea Monster book, especially when I heard the title: Sea Monster and the Bossy Fish I couldn’t wait to review it!

You see, Amber is the dearest, sweetest child ever. She really is! She does, however, have just 2 flaws. One is that she doesn’t listen especially well and the other is that she’s too much like her mommy and very bossy! (Shocker, right?! I’m quite sure you never dreamed of how bossy I was as a child–oh let me assure you, there are stories! Haha!)

I loved how the story unfolds. Once again you have beautiful, fun illustrations and nods to witty humor that the adult reading the story will appreciate, for example in the music room they sing “The eels on the bus go swish, swish, swish.” Like “First Day” the story is told both through the text of the main storyline and the cute addition of speech from the characters in word bubbles.

In the story there is a new fish who comes to their school and Sea Monster decides to befriend him, remembering how he felt as the new kid. At first the new fish seems nice, but soon begins to form clicks and get on everyone’s nerves. I love how he doesn’t seem too over the top, but just enough for Sea Monster to realize that feelings are beginning to get hurt. I also adore how they resolve the situation with the bully – by turning to acts of kindness that everyone can preform, and then also including the bully in their group but being firm and not letting him run over them.

It’s a sweet story with a great lesson that I’m sure, like the first book, I’ll be regularly reading to my children 2 years from now!

Either one of these books would be the perfect gift to give for your child’s school gift exchange! Amber gave a copy of Sea Monster’s First Day to a little girl in class just this past Friday, and she’ll be receiving Sea Monster and the Bossy Fish  from Santa next week!

It might be a little too late for you to give Sea Monster for a class room gift this year, but you still have time to go buy it at your local bookstore, or get it through Amazon Prime’s super fast shipping!

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