Five Uses for a Bridesmaid Dress After the Wedding

Legalese Nonsense: JenJenHouse has gorgeous dresses that are perfect for so many different things! I was happy to share my ideas with you in exchange for compensation from them! All cleverness, wishing for second weddings are my own–all pictures are theirs!

I thought that the movie 27 Dresses was super funny. One of my favorite parts in the movie is when each bride turns to the main actress and says, “And you can totally use it for so many things after the wedding, too!”


These days, it’s nice because when you look at you can see that there really are many bridesmaid dresses that would work great for everyday life — like this delicate lace number ! There are still times, however, that ceremonies call for super formal and fancy gowns that you might despair of ever using again–no matter how glamorous they might be! Here are five ideas on how to use Bridesmaid Dresses after the wedding ceremony!

1. Halloween – The easiest way to pull out that bridesmaid dress again is the one day a year that everyone is dressing up! Formal gowns can be easily tweaked to represent so many different costumes. Add a tiara and a some costume jewelry jewels and you’re instantly a Princess–following a certain pattern it’s super easy to represent a grown up twist on of one of the Disney varieties. A sash turns you into a beauty pageant contestant, a prop Oscar turns you into a celebrity! And speaking of Oscars….

2. Host an Awards Party Show – Use your outfit to inspire a fun dress-up party for awards show season! Whether it’s the Oscars, Grammy’s, or a Red Carpet Premiere your dress is the perfect thing to wear! Who says that celebs are the only ones who should get to dress up for the occasion? Set up a spot where everyone can get their photos taken from the “paparazzi” when they arrive!

3. Get Cultured – Use your dress as an excuse to get in a little culture! A formal gown won’t get looked at twice at a symphony, ballet, or opera! Take advantage of places that still encourage formal dress and create some great memories in the meantime!

4. Date Night – Formal gowns can easily be dressed down, you just have to think creatively about it! Layering a chunky sweater and scarf on top, adding a leather jacket and flats, or pairing with a blouse over top and booties and you have a hot and toned down outfit that is great for dinner and a movie.

5. Special Church Services – Like the date night suggestion, formal gowns work well for church when paired with the right options. If your gown has a plunging neckline wear a cropped wrap over the very top, if it’s on the short side pair it with patterned leggings.

So there are my 5 uses for a Bridesmaid Dress After the Wedding that you probably wouldn’t have thought of ! Do you have any great ideas that I missed? Leave me a comment and let me know! These tips also work just as well with any formal evening gown!