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My Morning Coffee Journey with the Best Coffee Maker

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias , Millstone® Coffee delicious flavored coffee, and Mr. Coffee® Drip Coffee Maker. #CoffeeJourneys

My Morning Coffee Journey with the Best Coffee Maker #shop #CoffeeJourneys

My Morning Coffee Journey

Her small apartment smelled lightly of smoke and afghans in a just-right musty kind of way, it was filled with owls and pitchers–the perfect kind of a place for a Great-Grandma to live. She’d always be sitting at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee in her hand, no matter what time of day it was. I’d run quickly to the little kitchenette set that she kept for us, grab a teeny-tiny plastic doll cup from it, and bring it to her–begging her to fill it up with black coffee for me.

I was about 6 years old when I started my coffee journey.

4:30 comes early, but when you need to get in place before the animals start moving during hunting season it becomes a familiar time. Dad and I would sneak quietly out of the house bundled up in neon orange. He’d be carrying a thermos full of black coffee and a little powdered creamer. As we sat there in the truck I would sneak sips of the coffee. One time I remember his surprise when just a little way into the morning I’d managed to sneak just about all of it.

My coffee journey continued when I was 13.

My Morning Coffee Journey with the Best Coffee Maker #shop #CoffeeJourneys

20 Credits, 2 part time jobs, and an out-of-state fiancee add a lot into a college girl’s life. Early each morning I’d breathe in the frigid Wyoming air, clutching my lidded coffee cup which was my only breakfast the entire time I was in college.

My coffee journey became a daily part of my life when I was 19.

My Morning Coffee Journey with the Best Coffee Maker #shop #CoffeeJourneys

Weddings, years, babies and flew into my life and came and grew. Still always a part of my daily journey, coffee fits into cozy play dates with friends and uplifting MOPs breakfasts. It greets me each morning as a warm and comforting friend to start off the day–whatever might be on my plate for it! I’ve grown out of plastic doll cups of black coffee, though.

My Morning Coffee Journey with the Best Coffee Maker #shop #CoffeeJourneys

Throughout the many years of my coffee journey I’ve tried many different kinds of coffee and drip coffee makers. Flavored coffee served with liquid creamer remains my staple go-to coffee combination of choice each day, and Hazelnut Millstone® coffee is the kind I grab each and every time I do my weekly grocery shopping run at Walmart.

My Morning Coffee Journey with the Best Coffee Maker #shop #CoffeeJourneys

Since I do enjoy my coffee every day, lately I’ve been thinking it would be wonderful to upgrade our coffee maker to match my high quality flavored coffee. After checking out all the options in the Walmart coffee aisle, I decided that the best coffee maker had to be the Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Maker! It’s sleek looks, amazing performance, and awesome features make it the perfect match for my daily coffee journey! I can set it up the night before so a fresh pot is hot and waiting for me first thing each morning, and the filtered water system built in means that even my coffee snob hubby is totally in love with this drip coffee maker. Plus it matches my stainless steel thermos–a girl’s got to have priorities, you know?!

Time to start the day! But first….coffee!

A great cup of coffee is  meant to be shared with someone — so I’m super excited to let you know that:

One lucky winner will receive a Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Maker and bag of Hazelnut Millstone® coffee!

Love coffee as much as I do? Then you might want to find inspiration with Mr. Coffee On Pinterest or check out this fun Journey of the Bean and see just what goes into your morning refreshment making it into your cup each day!

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120 thoughts on “My Morning Coffee Journey with the Best Coffee Maker”

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  1. My coffee journey started (kind of anyway) when we were little kids and would go camping. My mom always had French Vanilla canned mixed coffee and we’d drink it out of the camping mugs. That was the only time we were allowed to drink it and the only time I liked it. Then it really started when Derek accidentally got me a hot carmel mocha instead of a carmel frappe from McDonalds. Lexi was 5 weeks old and I had just quit nursing so it was perfect. Have had it ever since lol. My favorite is the Jamaica Me Crazy whole bean from Hastings with Irish Cream creamer, sugar, milk and whipped cream and cinnamon on top haha. I say if I can taste the coffee, it’s not doctored enough.

  2. I did not anticipate that I would be touched by a coffee & coffeemaker post, but reading your post made me smile. It’s so touching how something so simple as coffee can help pinpoint those special memories of life. #client

  3. I was young when I first started drinking coffee. I remember every morning before school and every night before I went to bed I would drink a french vanilla cappuccino.

  4. I like the built in filtered water system! And it reduces chlorine in the water by 97%. I also love that it has carafe type of coffee pot. It looks cool.

  5. I didn’t drink coffee until I was in my 30’s and a neighbor told me it would help in weight loss by keeping me more full. I hated it for about a month but then, I started loving it and have drank it since then

  6. My worst coffee memory was when I turned around and bumped into someone and spilled my hot coffee on them. : (

  7. I think being able to set up the Mr Coffee the night before to be ready when you get up is the greatest because I don’t like to have to talk to anyone before I’ve had my coffee!

  8. My coffee journey begins every morning as soon as I wake up and ends about mid afternoon with my second cup.


  9. I think the coolest feature is the special cleaning cycle which eliminates calcium buildup. This is an important feature for me since we have hard water.


  10. My best memory of coffee was my dad giving me watered down espresso shots while I was still young enough to be pushed around in a stroller!

  11. My mother’s side of the family is half Swedish and apparently it is a Swedish tradition to always have a (fresh) hot pot of coffee at hand – not only for the family – but for anyone who happens to stop by. So I started drinking coffee when I was about five or six – with LOTS of milk.

    In high school and college I moved on to black coffee – and lots of it! Now I’m back to coffee with milk – or to my mind (I’ve spent a bit of time in France) : Cafe Au Lait!

  12. I’ve never had a coffee-maker that had a CLEANING CYCLE! Wow!

    And I REALLY appreciate that it eliminates most (much) of the chlorine in the water – 97% out is pretty darn good!

  13. Being kind of young and telling the waitress to be sure to add lots of sugar to the coffee…always had to be so sweet back then.

  14. I really like the feature that allows you to pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing (Pause n’ Serve feature). In the mornings, I can’t start without a cup of coffee, and have tried pouring a cup of coffee while it was still brewing to have my first cup quicker. I would end up making a mess every time. This is a great feature.

  15. O my goodness – I have drank coffee ever since I can even remember! It’s such a party of my being that I don’t really have a specific memory 🙂

  16. MYmemory about coffee is that I’m been drinking it since a child.. Although I need it a lot stronger. 🙂 Wkat i like about this is that it has a cleansing cycle.

  17. I remember has a little girl drinking coffee with my parents and then when I had a son he liked to drink coffee with me as well. 🙂

  18. The built in filtered water system is the best for me. It is amazing how much the water affects the taste of the final product.

  19. One of my favorite coffee memories is lying in bed as a little kid, and hearing the kitchen sounds (and smelling the smells) every morning at 5:30 AM. That’s what time my dad got up to get ready to go to work. My mom got up with him and made him a hot breakfast every morning – including coffee.

  20. I like that it can be preset to brew. My best coffee memory is sitting with my mom and friends with my little white coffee cup acting like I was a grown-up!

  21. My favorite feature is being able to pour coffee while it’s still brewing. Sometimes I’m a bit impatient for that coffee first thing in the morning!

  22. I like the set up feature, so I can set it up the night before so my coffee is ready in the morning.

  23. I think the coolest feature for me right now is that it’s programmable. Our coffee maker we have right now is not. It just has an off and on switch and the fact that is is programmable would save me time as i could set it up for when i wake up.

  24. My coffee journey starts early in the morning. I usually wake up around 3;00 am and start the day out with a nice light roasted or medium roasted coffee with milk and sugar.

  25. Fun giveaway! I like that this coffee maker has a thermal vacuumed carafe – that rocks!

    I’ve been drinking coffee on and off since I was probably 18. Through the spring and summer I like it cold and/or blended, then through the fall and winter months I just love it hot and often times flavored with hazelnut or pumpkin. Mmm… Don’t forget that farm fresh cream! 🙂

  26. My coffee journey was started in high school. I have always loved the taste of coffee and since being a mother the start of caffeine in the morning is a great bonus!

  27. I started drinking coffee when I was around 5. My dad would be reading the morning paper and I would come sit in his lap and ask for coffee. He would give me some with lots of cream and sugar..not much coffee!! In college I also started the habit that still continues today. I love to have my coffee in the mornings and get my day started.

  28. I don’t drink coffee but my Hubby does. However, I absolutely LOVE the way coffee smells & like to be around it just for that reason. Weird, huh.

  29. My coffee journey started so young I can’t remember. I loved the way my Grandaddy always had his cup of coffee. 24/7 he would drink it. He always drank it with a cup and saucer. He would pour a little from the cup into the saucer and sip it out. It drove my Granny crazy but he said it was too hot to drink straight from the cup. So, as annoying as it was to my Granny, that’s how I learned to drink it. Pour from the cup and sip from the saucer. As time went by I learned to drink the “regular” way but everytime I pass a cup and saucer, either in a department store or garage sale, I think of Grandaddy and the good black coffee he would always share with me.

  30. I like that its programmable. I used to hate coffee but once in high school I had to pull two allnighters in a row to finish an assigment after work and It was the first time I ever used it to keep me up.

    1. It IS pretty amazing–I love it because it’s really FAST though too, I actually haven’t had to use the pause and serve feature yet!

  31. It looks great! And the thermos carafe is awesome. I really don’t remember when I started drinking coffee. Is that bad? Ha! Lately, we’ve been limping along on a single serving French press, but still looking for that perfect brew. Maybe this is it? ha!

  32. The feature I think is the coolest is the coffee being kept hot with the vacuumed-insulated stainless steel carafe

  33. One of my favorite coffee moments was experimenting with frozen caramel cappuccinos for the first time. We brewed a pot of coffee. I put coffee, ice, caramel dip, and Barnie’s coffee vanilla syrup into a blender. It tasted delicious!

  34. My coffee journey begins at 4am when I have my first cup. I then have a cup with my husband when he gets up and admit I like to have cups of coffee throughout the rest of the day.

  35. My best coffee memory is mornings spent at the kitchen table sipping on coffee and talking with my mom.

  36. My coffee journey begins each day with having coffee outside in my backyard if the weather is nice . I have about 3 cups, but many times I will meet friends for coffee at a local coffee shop near where we live and enjoy lunch, coffee, and just hang out.

  37. my coffee journey starts at 5:30 am I make my husbands coffee and lunch & get him out the door, next I make a travel mug of coffee for my son & get him out the door, then I pour myself a cup and catch up on my contest entries & read some blogs (yours in one of them) around 1 pm i make about 4 cups to get me through til dinner and then I have a cup after dinner.

  38. My coffee journey began when I was a little girl, with my grandmother giving me coffee milk. Now I can’t go a day without my coffee.

  39. Coffee! I don’t know what I’d do without my morning cup. My favorite feature is the pause, for those days when I’m really in a hurry for my first cup.

  40. I really like that you can pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing using the Pause n’ Serve feature!

  41. I like the timer setting. I would LOVE to wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning! My current coffemaker does not have a timer.

  42. I enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon while reading the newspaper. Its my relaxation time 🙂

  43. I like that you can pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing using the Pause n’ Serve feature.

  44. My doctor advised me to drink 2 to 3 cups of black coffee every day to keep my pre-diabetes in check. It seems to be helping.

  45. With two kids nursing, a preset function is essential for me or I’d never find time for the morning coffee that drags me out of bed.

  46. Coffee is kept hot with the vacuumed-insulated stainless steel carafe, that is my favorite feature.

  47. My coffee journey starts at 5 in the morning and I have another cup at about 11 am. I love coffee.

  48. So many nice features, my favorite is that Coffee is kept hot with the vacuumed-insulated stainless steel carafe.

  49. My coffee journey starts every morning when the first thing I do when I wake up is make coffee.

  50. I have fond memories of my parents drinking coffee in the morning when we were growing up. They would always have coffee after breakfast.

  51. I drink my coffe with 3 creamiers & two splendas & a splash of vanilla extract! I drink it morning noon & night..yeah it’s 10:20 pm & I am drink some right now!

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