This is the last week of school for us here! I know that you all will be wanting to keep your kids active and healthy, just like me this summer! So I’m bringing you this article one of my readers named Dave sent me in hopes that it might get the wheels in your brain turning for what activities you might let your kids participate in this summer vacation–enjoy! ~ Nicole

The long summer vacation is a great time for stepping off the gas and letting things go a little “loose.” With the kids  out of school and the pace a little slower, it’s a great opportunity for sharing quality time as a family and having fun!

These days, tearing children away from their screens and off the couch can be a difficult task, but most kids will choose an active option, if given the chance and as long as it’s fun! We all know the importance of making sure children get enough exercise, and things can be encouraged along if we find activities that are going to excite their interests. Let’s take a look at some great ideas that will have sports crazed kids smiling all summer long!

Wheeled fun

Children can have a lot of fun on wheels of all kinds. Whether it’s a gentle bike ride in the countryside or a more fast-paced dash along the boardwalk skating on rollerblades, children love the challenge that wheeled sports offer. Skateboarding, mountain biking, and inline skating are all sports that force children to engage  100 percent and really live in the moment. Sports seen as a little edgy and risky are wonderful for building confidence and self-esteem in children. These are especially perfect for children with an independent streak who don’t naturally choose team sports, and if the right safety gear is worn, the wheeled option can be awesome.

Water sports

Summer is hot, right?! Where better to spend long, lazy days than by the lake, pool,  sea, or river? Combining the cooling effects of the water with fun sporting activities will keep children amused and active all  summer long. Make a splash with energetic sports such as water polo, kayaking, sailing, surfing, wake  boarding, water skiing and snorkeling – all water-based fun that can be enjoyed by all the entire family. Parents take note: nothing tires out kids quite as effectively as fun in the water! 😉

Team sports

To keep children socialized during long vacations, team sports are the answer. Whether it’s an organized  camp the children attend to hone their skills, or just casual meet ups in the park; team sports build confidence, strengthen social skills and boost fitness. Soccer, football, basketball, cheer-leading, baseball or hockey are all popular sports with children – they are all wonderful choices for improving coordination and balance, and often an early introduction to a team sports lead to a lifelong love and commitment that’s very rewarding.

Something different

Some children like to embark on the path less followed. Those who crave something a little out of the ordinary could consider mountain climbing (indoor climbing walls are great places to start off), horse riding, archery, Geo-caching or trampolining – all physical challenges guaranteed to bring out the best in our little sporting heroes.

Keeping children busy with fun activities can be a challenge, but if you find something they really love the battle is won. All kids have determination and stamina that they are happy to spend on a sport that fires them up – your job as a parent is helping them find which one it is. Here’s to a long and happy sport-filled summer of family fun!