Let There Be Light by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

As you might be able to tell immediately from looking at the cover, Let There Be Light is not your typical re-hash of the story of creation. Illustrated by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Tillman the illustrations bring a level of fantasy and whimsical to Genesis 1.

The writing itself also carries a touch of this, the very first page reads

In the very beginning, God’s love bubbled over when there was nothing else–no trees, no birds, no animals, no sky, no sea–only darkness. Out of this love, God spoke.

How you feel about this will determine how you feel about the book. While the illustrations are absolutely breathtaking and the story reads beautifully, there are some details that might cause purists and children familiar with the story to scratch their heads a bit.

The main example of this are the pages listed above. Amber was curious as to who the children were-and were Adam and Eve disappeared to. It did lead to a nice conversation to how all the races of the world traced back to them–and how this was a representation of that.

Personally we love this book, and with 5 stars so far on Amazon it’s clear we’re not alone! This would be a beautiful addition to any nursery or children’s room-especially if you’re looking to add something on your shelf other than another rendition of  Adam and Eve in leaves.

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