What It’s Like to Work for Trades of Hope as an Independent Contractor

As you know I’ve been sharing lately about How Anyone Can Successfully Work From Home and since my mega-post was getting MEGA huge I decided to start running additional posts to give you even more details on all the different options there are available! I hope you enjoy and find the perfect fit for you and your family!


Today we’re learning what it’s really like to work for Trades of Hope from Kelleigh Macevicius!

If you are reading this you are most likely already looking for a way to supplement your family income. I was once there, looking at all the options, trying to decide the best fit for me and my family. Let me share the top three reasons why I decided to join Trades of Hope.

1.) I wanted to be able to stay home with my daughter, this is why I was looking into a direct sales company. As I looked into Trades of Hope I realized many of their artisans were able to do the very same thing. Mothers who might otherwise have to give their child to an orphanage just for that child to have a chance to survive were now able to not only keep their children but were gaining a sustainable income, business training, and hope. This is just one artisan group of the many TOH partners with and I was given the opportunity to be a voice for these women. I had countless options available to me to hep earn an income and keep my child, they had just one.

2.) The artisans stories! I had just returned from the mission field and was missing the work God allowed me to be involved in there. Introducing me (in seriously a crazy way!!) to Trades of Hope felt like His gift to me. I checked out the “Who we Help” tab on the TOH main website and was really intrigued by what I saw. It wasn’t until after talking with a Compassionate Entrepreneur (TOH consultant) that I realized just how much of these women’s lives I could impact through selling with TOH. I decided that if I could help just one it would be worth the start up cost alone. It might sound crazy, but I didn’t think about how quickly I could “make back” the money I would spend on a starter kit, rather I was thinking “how many women can I help through selling their products?!?!?”

3.) The foundation of Trades of Hope IS helping these women. When I looked at the Trades of Hope founders I was excited to hear their stories and the passion they had for the artisans. I liked how down to earth and personal they appeared and how their first thought in starting this company was not “How can we make money off of these products while also giving American women who already have so much opportunity MORE opportunity to make money….” no, they started this company with the question “How can our lives leave a bigger impact on those less fortunate? How can we go past ‘charity’ and give opportunity to women around the world?” On the website I read the quote “Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime!” and I was hooked!

Opportunity for myself to make extra money while staying home with my daughter, opportunity for our artisans to work with dignity and the privilege to be one to share their stories, and founders who GIVE BACK (our incentives are things like “do X, Y & Z and we’ll sponsor a child in your name for a year!”) these are just three of the top reasons why I joined Trades of Hope! I hope they will be for you too.”

What it’s like to work for Trades of Hope as an Independent Contractor

How Long Have You Been With the Company?  

20 months

Tell us a little about your company, and why someone would want to sign on!  

Trades of Hope is empowering women out of poverty through the home party module. A direct sales company, registered with the DSA, dealing in fairly traded fashion and home accessories helping women around the world earn an income. That would be Trades of Hope in a tiny nutshell, however, we are so much more than that!


 What Are The Start Up Costs? Are there any stocking/ordering requirements? What about maintenance costs (do you have to buy catalogs/website fees/etc)

You can join the ripple effect of change with Trades of Hope for just $69 + tax, S&H.

Our best kit is the $199, but we also have a $99 and $399 kit.

If you don’t have much money to start-up, you can order the $69 “”Campus Kit”” and once you hit your 60 day smart start (where you will receive $100 to spend building your kit) you can add the pieces you want to your display!

Each kit comes with all the business materials you would need for your first few parties! Plus access to the Back Office with great training and tips for a successful business! In addition, you have the option of a personal website for $8.95 a month. I use this and really do like the personal link to direct customers to it. It pays for itself each month, if you advertise it enough that is!

Currently you must sell $150 PRV in one calendar year to remain an active CE. If you begin building a team, as I have, you must earn $350 PRV a month to earn commission from the sales generated by your down-line.

That is it! We have monthly incentives, bonuses you can achieve for reaching certain selling goals and so many opportunities to impact the lives of our artisans as well as earning that desired income for yourself!

How long did it take you to re-coup your sign up costs and begin to make a profit?

I bought the $199 kit in August 2013. My total, after website, taxes and s&h came to $235. I had my own launch party two weeks later when I received my kit, and booked two parties. In those three parties I made back what I had spent and a little extra to cover my extra supplies like pens, clipboards, and a few jewelry display items and cases.

I hit my 60 day smart start – sell $1,000 in product with in 60 days from joining nd get $100 to spend in the CE store- 56 days after signing up.

After the holiday months, with just a total of 5 in home parties and 3 online, as well as individual orders generated from my website, I had sold almost $3,000! I had no sales experience and was so hesitant in asking friends to host parties, I can only imagine how much more success I would have had if I stepped out and asked more often. It depends on YOU how quickly you make back what you spend, but it is not difficult once you start sharing the products with everyone you meet!

What do your job duties include?

As a Compassionate Entrepreneur it is my job to be a voice for our artisans. I see myself as the sales/marketing department for each of our artisan groups, and I find that very motivating.
I use social media often to promote our artisans, their products and Trades of Hope overall. I love going into the homes of my hostesses and sharing the products and stories with their friends. Our artisans find so much self-respect and gain so much positive self-esteem when they hear how much American women love the things that they have made with their own hands. It is my job to take these beautiful piece into the homes of women in my little corner of the world. As I see it, whatever it takes to make that happen – phone calls, advertising, venue events, etc. then those are the duties my job requires and I am happy to do them!

What is the most someone you personally know makes?

Last month the highest income on my down line was $500

How much can someone just starting out expect to make?

As with any commissioned based job, the income you generate can vary greatly month to month. Those on my team who put int the time and have at least one home party a month are consistently earning $100. In September 2014, one of the ladies in my direct down-line took home over $500. Those on my up-line, and others in the company, are selling up to $4,000-$5,000 a month and also making 5%-3% on the sales of their down-line.

Personally, I have had $300 months and $30 months. It depends on how much you put yourself and Trades of Hope out there.

Starting off you make 20% on what you sell. 3% on direct down-line and 1% after that.
I love seeing my commission total double at the end of the month when I get the commission from the CE’s on my down-line. It is very motivating for me to take the time to encourage them in what they are doing and help them build their team. Their success is my success, and ultimately our artisans success!

 What is your favorite part of working for this company?

If you haven’t picked up on it already, our artisans, their stories, and the way Trades of Hope is helping provide an income for them is BY FAR my favorite thing about working with Trades of Hope.

In the year since I started I have heard so many stories of artisans who have been positively impacted by the extra sales TOH generates for them. Artisan groups who are able to double the number of women they employe because of TOH sales. Women rescued from sex trafficking and given hope and dignity through the work created by TOH sales. An artisan group in Costa Rica started because of TOH and the guarentee that we can sell their handmade products. These are just a few of the amazing things that have been happening with this company over the past year and it is my favorite thing about being a Compassionate Entrepreneur.

 What is the most challenging part of working for this company?
Not spending all my money on the merchandise! Seriously!

Are you provided with adequate training and support? How is their customer service?

I am weekly impressed by the women we have on our team of directors, them women working at the home office, and other CE’s with sales experience. We have weekly webinars that you can call into live, or listen to on your own time. I have two ladies on my up-line and they are both always ready to help with anything I might need and happy to find an answer if they do not already know. As I mentioned previously, we also have a training toolbox in our back office that is a terrific resource, especially if you are coming in with out any sales experience. I have rarely ever needed to ask a question from our home team as everything is so thoroughly covered in the training track and tool box. When I have contacted them, with customer order mix up or missing item etc. they have been quick to respond and beyond helpful in resolving whatever the issue might be.

I have nothing but positive things to say about our customer service and home team. I am constantly impressed with the fast shipping and the personal approach they are able to take. I have had to opportunity to meet many of them and feel blessed and privileged to get to work with such wonderful and godly women. It is an honor to change the world with them!

Any final thoughts/things someone looking to apply/get started should know?

If you have any unanswered questions I am thrilled to take the time to answer them for you! You can find me on Facebook

Where can they get started?

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