Superbook – A Christian TV Series for Kids: Thoughts from a Real Mom & Her Kids

Superbook TV Series

Legalese Nonsense: I love quality entertainment for Amber during Tyler’s naps–it helps me be able to work from home! So when CBN and MomSelect offered to send me Superbook to check out of course I said yes! All afternoon snuggles, parent evaluations, and pictures are my own!

Update from 2/7/16

So after having this TV series as a part of our life for several years now I can even more wholeheartedly recommend it! After being given nearly all of season one to review (as shown here) we purchased season 2. At ages 5 & 8 now this is one of the kids favorite shows ever and I love how much of the Bible they’ve taken into heart because of it. Recently several people at church have told us how much both my children know about the Bible, and I know it’s all thanks to Super Book and our huge variety of amazing Children’s Bibles. Hurray for amazing, fun, not corny Christian entertainment! Stay tuned for a post coming very soon about other kid’s entertainment you don’t have to feel guilty about letting them watch!

Original Post:

I’m sure you remember my recent post about Superbook and it’s July airings–were you able to catch any of the series?

I was so excited to get the entire 14 episodes for Amber to watch! The show is recommended for ages 6 and up–if you didn’t realize it the Bible can get a little “adult rated” at times–even in the classic children stories! I appreciate that Superbook recommends itself to an older audience and also that it even goes so far to give you a heads up before any shows that might have more intense scenes in them.

Superbook TV Series

I also love that it gave a shout out to the Family Discussion Guide, which I noticed in the DVD when I pulled it out to play.

Superbook TV Series

It was a nice little brochure that give you an easy way to turn the DVDs into more than just a way to occupy 30 minutes of your child’s time! You know I’m all about really getting involved in your child’s life and Turning TV Time into Quality Time and these family guides are an easy way to do that!

Superbook TV Series

The guide has lots of great questions that delve deeper into the Bible story and even provides you with references so that you can read the real story in the Bible with your kids–I love it!

Superbook TV Series

Because it is a Christian Kids TV show, I was a little concerned about how high quality the editing, acting, and story lines would be. I was super impressed! As you can see above the quality and animation are great, and I was pleased with the story line and acting  as well. It does have a bit of an Anime feel to it–which is because of it’s history of having started out as a Christian TV show made for Japan. It’s the high quality kind of anime though–so I found it just made the animation a bit more interesting, but didn’t detract at all.

Superbook TV Series

I thought it was interesting that in the shows the characters who go back in time actually interact with the Biblical characters–many “back in time” shows have the character observing biblical events without taking part in them. This might cause some confusion among younger children as to what is “real” and what isn’t–but if anything this provides yet another talking point to the series. I also like that the characters are facing similar problems to the Bible stories they go and visit–a great way to show the Bible’s real life applications to us today!

Wedding Dresses

Amber loves the series so far and I feel comfortable enough with it to allow Tyler to watch it too. I’d highly recommend it for any parent who’d love a fun way to add more Bible stories into their child’s routine! To learn more about Superbook or find out how to order the episodes for yourself visit the Superbook Website!

Did you catch the Superbook Series on TV? If you did leave me a comment letting me know what you thought of it! If not tell me what your favorite kids tv show is!


  1. Sean Leacy

    I LOVED this show growing up! I have thought about picking this set up for the kids, maybe after tax season dies down 🙂

    • Nicole

      You definitely should! I really love the new ones!!! 😀

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