Easter Basket Ideas ~ Best Books and DVDs

This post is originally from 3/10/2013 — we still love and read these books and watch these movies all the time, though, so I wanted to share them in case you’re looking for a few awesome fillers for this year’s basket!

Ready or not Easter is *right* around the corner! This year it’s March 27–so it’s an early one! In addition to the classic candy and toys my two favorite items to include in my kids Easter Baskets are Books and Movies. Here are my favorites this year for putting your kiddos Easter Basket!


These are a Must Have Easter Basket Item! Here are my Best Easter Books picks:

The Donkey That No One Could Ride remains one of my favorite Easter books! (read my review here!)

Guess How Much I Love You is a must have for every child’s library–and now you can get it in a new fun pop-up version!

I *love* The Easter Story board book–a sweet and gentle way to introduce children to the TRUE Easter story in a way they will easily grasp and understand–it’s been a favorite since Amber was a baby!

The Story of Easter (Alice in Bibleland) is a story that I have that I kept from my childhood and now am happily sharing with my own children! I love how Alice steps through her special screen and is able to view the events of different Bible stories first hand. In this book she views the Easter story–from the empty tomb to the risen Savior in the garden. In sweet, short rhythms this story is perfect for older toddlers and preschoolers and does a wonderful job of expanding upon the Easter story in a fun, exciting way!

As I’ve mentioned before I love to include Bibles in Easter Baskets–here are my favorite children’s Bibles:

The Baby Bible is my very favorite baby/toddler Bible ever! It breaks classic stories into a few short, poignant sentences that really captures the essence of the Bible for example:

“The Giant and the boy”

The giants name was Goliath. He was very fierce. He didn’t like God’s people.
He really scared them.
“Ha! ha! ha!” laughed Goliath. “Come and fight me!”

–it’s almost like “The Message” version of the Bible for children/toddlers! I also love the amazing illustrations in it! It’s a little on the pricier side at $25 since it seems to be a bit rare–but it’s definitely worth the price!!!

Candle Bible for Kids Toddler Edition is a great Toddler Bible (read my review here!) that is an “in between step between the Baby Bible and the next one I love.

Precious Moments Stories from the Bible

I grew up with a copy of Precious Moments Stories from the Bibleso I was thrilled when I was able to get a copy for my kiddos as well! The illustrations are beyond adorable and I love how it’s the perfect stepping stone between a baby/toddler Bible and a real Bible. There is a lot of text to the stories–so it’s better for early elementary aged kids, but the stories are broken down and explained in a fun and interesting way that will keep their attention. I love everything about it!

So now that I’ve shared my favorite books here are a few great DVDs to tuck in your kids basket!

The Velveteen Rabbit would actually make a great book & movie combo to stick in the basket! It’s one of Amber’s favorites and the sweet story of sacrifice and life after is perfect at Eastertime! Right now it’s on sale for only $5 on Amazon!!

Of course pretty much any VeggieTales DVD is perfect for placing in the Easter basket! The newest one they have out is Veggie Tales: The Little House That StoodIt just released this week but we had the priviledge of previewing it a little bit early so we could give you our scoop on it!

As you can see both kiddos snuggled and and were completely engrossed! Their favorite seemed to be the first part of the DVD which was a story combination of the Three Little Pigs and the parable of the house upon the sand. I liked the underlying principle of building your life on the firm foundation of Christ–and both kids thought it was very entertaining!

There are my favorite picks for Easter Basket fillers for little ones! Do you have any amazing ones that I missed? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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