How To Say Thank You To Police Officers This Holiday Season

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The twinkling lights, the darling snowmen, the sweet music, the sparkle in your children’s eyes.

There are so many things to love about this time of year. One of the things I love the most, though, is the giving. I usually Christmas shop year round, seeking out the perfect and “just right” gifts for everyone on our list. I try to get something I know that person will love and cherish. Every year we also try to expand our giving beyond our tight group of family and friends. While this season can rapidly spiral downward into selfishness, I want our kids and us as a family to never get our eyes off the true meaning of the season. It’s the perfect time of year to remember those around us who are less fortunate, and also to remember those who serve us selflessly and behind the scenes day in and day out.

Every year we participate in buying presents for children who are right around the kid’s ages. They are always excited to help pick out items to send and it’s a huge reminder to be thankful when they come out to that overflowing mound of presents on Christmas day, to remember that for one child across  the world the only Christmas they get is what we sent in a small shoe box.

This year in addition to that I wanted to say thank you and give back to those who serve our community, as well. My father-in-law was in law enforcement for many, many years in both Texas and Wyoming, and my uncle has served on the police force in Wyoming ever since he got out of the Army, so long ago it’s a time I can’t remember. Because of my close connection to law enforcement, I know just what kind of sacrifices these amazing men in my life have had to make over the years, though neither would be quick to mention them. Because of the nature of their job police officers often only get to see even the best of humanity at their very worst, and on their very worst days. It’s extremely disheartening for them at times, and they don’t get told thank you nearly enough.

When we moved to our new hometown a few months ago one of the first things I noticed was the police presence everywhere. We moved in next door to a fine man who serves on the Sheriff’s department, and every time I take the kids to school I don’t dare go 1 mile over the speed limit, especially in those 20 mph school zones as there is almost always a faithful police officer running radar. I am so very, very thankful for this. I feel so much better sending my children to school each day knowing that each campus has a designated police officer sitting right inside the door, as well as faithful men and women protecting the streets around each campus. I wanted to help my children realize what a privilege this is, too, and so we came up with this idea to say thank you to our local police officers.

Although this printable was designed with law enforcement officials in mind, it can actually be used for any public servant from firefighters to the military. You could even use it to thank nurses at the local hospital or the people who work in the nursing home that your grandparent is in. There are so many faithful people serving our country and communities quietly and faithfully behind the scenes. Let’s go out of our way with a simple act of kindness to let them know …


For this act of thankfulness and paying it forward you’ll just need a few fun things! Your first stop, of course, will be Walmart!


Right now you can find these adorable and convenient Rubbermaid Holiday TakeAlongs in limited edition red, green and prints for the holidays right now through Christmas Eve! Look for them in your store on an end cap like the one I found above. With their Quik Clik Seal™ that keeps food secure inside and how easy they are to stack, they are the perfect items for gifting treats to your local community servants! Best of all Rubbermaid TakeAlongs are microwavable, top rack dishwasher and freezer safe, so once they finish their treats they can keep and continue to use them for themselves!


I grabbed both the deep squares and the rectangles since I knew each would be perfect for all the different food storage solutions I need this Christmas from parties to gifting!

While at Walmart you’ll also want to pick up all the ingredients you need to make your favorite holiday treats for gifting! Need some inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board of the Best Desserts Ever. These are all tried-and-true recipes that I have made over and over again and can guarantee will bring a smile to everyone’s face! You also *have* to check out these amazing Holiday Recipes — they’re all family favorites created by super talented bloggers and are specifically designed for holiday sharing!

You will also want to grab some high-quality cardstock and a frame. This printable is standard paper size, or if you’d like to go with a smaller frame you can pick up a 5×7 frame and I’ll show you how to use it!

Once you’re home and you’ve got your goodies baking away it’s time to get your printable ready for gifting!

First, you’ll need to get the printable, you can Download It Here

Print it off using your nice quality cardstock and get your photo frame. If you purchased a paper size photo frame place it inside and you’re all done! Easy-peasy.

I wanted something a little smaller that they’d be able to display at the department, so I opted to go with a 5×7 frame.

Take the glass out of the frame and place it around the words until you have the positioning correct.

Next take the outside of the frame and place it on top. Often this will cover up quite a bit more than the glass, so move both around until you can see all the words.

Remove the outside of the frame and trace around the glass.

Cut out the printable and place in your frame. Doesn’t it look amazing?! I just love how it turned out! Big props to my amazing sister-in-law Brianne who did the gorgeous hand-lettered piece for me! It’s truly unique!

Now it’s just time to finish baking up your delicious treats and packing them up in your Rubbermaid TakeAlongs. You can go with cookies, brownies, candy canes, or a little bit of everything!

Add some beautiful bow ribbons and you’re all set for gifting!

We dropped ours off at the station to the dispatcher since all our officers were out in the field serving. We were excited to leave them a surprise for when they returned from their shifts!

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  1. This is amazing! The printable gave me chills just from reading it. Definitely a good reminder especially for anyone working those thankless jobs, and I can’t believe that was actually handwritten! Makes it more heart-felt! [client]

  2. This is definitely something I want to do! We have been trying to figure out ways to say thank you to the police that are down the block from us along with the firemen that are down the block from us. This is a great idea.

  3. These Rubbermaid Holiday TakeAlongs are perfect for sending home treats with people. I will have to stock up on some before the Holidays.

  4. This is a fantastic way to say thanks. I will have to make up some cookies to make some care packages for some special people in my life.

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