About Me: Hannah

Hi friends!

I’m Hannah—Nicole’s “baby” sister and the (very excited) newest contributor to this fabulous blog! I’m a 23-year-old recent college graduate taking this crazy adventure called “life” one day at a time! I’m a writer, nerd, ENFJ, and Hufflepuff. 😉


I grew up in a small-ish Wyoming town as the youngest of four siblings. I love some “Western-y” things, especially going camping, but other loves my family has (like hunting and sports) failed to stick with me. 😉 Still, I love the West and hope to live in some region of it for a good long while!

I had the privilege of being homeschooled from kindergarten through my high school graduation, and I credit my amazing mom for instilling a love of words in me from early on. My college education spanned five years and two schools, and I am so grateful for all of it! I spent two years at Western Wyoming Community College getting an Associate of Arts with emphasis in English and a Creative Writing Certificate. Then I transferred over to Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina for three years to get my Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with a (rather unexpected) Spanish minor. I was able to take so many amazing classes, meet so many amazing people, and be part of so many amazing opportunities, from WWCC’s Honors Program to my BJU outreach ministry at the Greenville County Juvenile Detention Facility.


God’s also given me lots of amazing travel opportunities through school and missions groups, including a two-month missions trip to Eastern Canada, a week-long missions trip in New York City, and a one-month study abroad trip in Spain.


Currently I’m back home in Wyoming, living with my parents for now (because let’s face it, I don’t have the money to live on my own after paying for all that school!), and working nocturnally in the Circulation department of our local newspaper. I’m hoping to start getting some solid work done on various writing projects so that I can work toward my goal of being published!

I love a whole lot of things, so here’s a list of some of the basics: my family and friends, my church, words and stories (especially fantasy and fairy tales), writing (fiction, novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and some creative nonfiction like this blog!), collecting books and movie memorabilia, going to plays, listening to music (especially Broadway soundtracks and YouTuber covers of pop songs), social media, being a total fandom nerd/fangirl, getting into deep discussions, defying stereotypes, and the list goes on and on…

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Above everything else, I am a child of the King, saved from my slavery to sin and made part of the kingdom of Light. I believe that the Gospel is the “true myth,” the greatest story ever told which is also reality! It is the one thing that makes sense of everything else and makes hope and love possible. My relationship with God gives me my identity and so influences everything else that I do and love.

I am so excited to be joining this blog! I love talking about things I love and am passionate about, and I hope to offer some different perspectives (as the only non-mommy of the group!), as well as insight, creativity, and encouragement. 🙂



  1. Rebekah Clark

    You are so awesome! We have so much in common! How are we not best friends? haha!

    I love that you mentioned your meyer briggs personality type!!! I’m an INFP and also a Hufflepuff! YAY! Although I can see myself being a ravenclaw too, but I prefer the Hufflepuff in me so I stick with that!

    You are quite the accomplished woman and traveler!

    I’m so excited you are a contributor!!! I super look forward to gleaning from you and growing from a “pro”!

    OH! ALSO! I love that you called faith the “true myth”. SO GOOD!

    • Nicole

      I told you that you would be friends!!! 😀 <3

      • Rebekah Clark

        Hee hee! You were right!

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