Sounds of Nativity

Merry Christmas, friends!

Christmas brings a lot of different associations with it. As we celebrate our Savior’s birth, many people think of cute Nativity scenes, a cozy manger, a “silent night.” But a few years ago it hit me – the reality wasn’t very cute or cozy or silent. Some of my ideas about the amazing paradox of Christ’s birth came out in this poem. I hope that you enjoy it, and that we can all take some time to be amazed at how much our God did for us when He became one of us. <3

Sounds of Nativity

(By Hannah Romero)

Listen to the Word
becoming flesh,
the night God broke the silence
with a baby’s cry.
Listen to sounds
of Nativity.

Earth did not stop to listen that night.
The tiny town was bursting at the seams,
Sons of David reluctantly answering
the call of Rome,
soldiers yelling orders,
families scrambling for room to sleep,
crowds pushing, doors slamming.
Too busy to notice a pregnant woman.
Too loud to hear her new baby cry.

Earth offered no calm that night.
A young girl, not yet married,
gave birth for the first time,
her fiancé struggling to help.
Pain, anxiety, and a baby’s gasping shrieks
echoed against cold stone and hard packed dirt,
rose over the clamor and stench of a barn.

Earth paid no attention to
the Baby wrapped in rags.
Heaven paid attention to
nothing else.

Glory was not silent,
worship was not calm.
Living creatures ceaselessly crying “holy”
round the throne
joined by armies of angels
shouting praise.
Eternity watched the eternal One
step into time,
beginning the culmination of eternity’s plans.
Every spirit shouted
glory to God
for infinite love and mercy.

Heaven burst with worship,
and God allowed eternity
to spill over
into a dark night outside Bethlehem.
Have heaven and earth
ever come so close?
Has the line between
infinity and history
ever been so blurred?

Heaven praised,
earth ignored,
but the Word echoed throughout.
The lack of silence and lack of calm
stated simply that
He did not come to be cozy.
He came to serve,
to get dirty,
to be one of us,
to suffer, to feel,
finally to die
and to conquer death.

On that first night,
uncomfortable reality
encased reality far deeper.
Physical darkness surrounded
Love’s pure Light.
Busy-ness, noise, and panic encircled
the Prince of Peace
Whose peace transcends circumstances.
Discomfort cradled
the first Comforter.
Helpless omnipotence,
Creator born,
God in flesh.
In such eternal paradox
coziness is not an option.
Superficial silence and calm
were overwhelmed
in the dawn of redeeming grace.


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