How Do Custom Air Dancers Help Increase Store Traffic?

Custom air dancers are designed to make businesses stand out.   Yes, these huge inflatable puppets are fun to watch bopping up and down, but they’re also a mighty powerful marketing tool.  Do not underestimate their big grins to drive store traffic.

These guys (or gals?) are retail magnets, stopping potential customers in their tracks and compelling them to visit a store or remember a brand—all for a low out-of-pocket cost.  Some retailers report a 10% to 20% increase in sales over a 6 to 9-month period of daily 8-hour use.  Results will differ by location.

Custom Air Dancers Deliver Branded Messages

Every custom air dancer can be created to deliver a branded message or promote a special sale.  If possible, include a logo and select PMS colors to match it. Most custom air dancers can handle all sorts of graphics, gradients, and images to deliver your specific message.

How to Select Colors and Other Components for Custom Air Dancers

In general, pick vibrant colors that can be seen from a distance.  Differentiate the color of the body, arms, and hair for the best visual results.  For mostly solid color designs, select one solid color for the body and one solid contrasting color for both the arms and hair.

For example, choose red for the body and a bright yellow for the arms and hair. This type of color combination gets noticed and enables a message to be read easily. Constructing custom air dancers even means choosing a facial expression–happy and goofy looks attract the most attention.

How to Create the Advertising Message for Custom Air Dancers

The text should be concise to make the message quickly understood by passersby, even those traveling at 40+ mph.  Don’t use a script or fancy font. Do use a bold font such as Ariel Black or Futura.  Big is better than small, so the type should be a substantial size. You can even print on both sides of custom air dancers, so your message can be seen from two directions.

Remember, the arms are especially important as they move about and typically showcase key words. Design the arms with only a word or two and make sure the text and background colors work well together so the message pops.  An excellent example: “Sale” in yellow placed on an arm in solid blue. Again, contrasting colors, a light color on a dark color and vice versa, help to communicate the point. Put all these elements together, and custom air dancers will be hard at work attracting new customers for you.

By Sophia Grimes