Memorial Day — A Look Back

Memorial Day

Memorial Day — A Look Back

As an active duty military wife for 7 1/2 years the patriotic holidays — Veterans Day, The Fourth of July, and especially Memorial Day, have taken on an entirely different meaning.

Sure I love spending time with family and having fun celebrations; but the day usually brings thoughts with it that draw tears to my eyes and prayers from my heart. I’ve shared many of these thoughts with you all over the years I’ve been blogging–so today I want to share these posts from my heart and hope that you’ll go back through to read (or re-read) and remember with me!

Thankfullness A tribute to the many, many different members of my family who have served throughout the years.

Oh Say Can You See – A reminder that service comes with great sacrifice

Arlington National Cemetery – Why it’s such a big deal?

Remembering Robert Romero – A memorial to my great-uncle who died saving others in Vietnam at the age of 21

Becoming a Real Military Spouse A glimpse into what those behind the scenes go through

Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Memorial Day — A Look Back”

  1. Thank you for all these wonderful posts, and insight – as well as your support of your husband. It’s honestly not a duty (military wife) that I ever would want, but I am so grateful for those of you who take it. Thank YOU and your husband for the service to our country.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read over them! It’s not a duty that I ever would have enthusiastically signed up for–even more so now that I know what in entails–but when you love someone you do whatever you have to I’ve learned! You’re welcome–and I am very proud for our small part in helping keep this amazing country amazing and free!

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