Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: I’ve partnered today with Dealspotr to bring you these simple ways to make and save money this summer. If you sign up using my link and start saving money I get some points also. I just love a win-win situation. As always all tips, tricks, and opinions are mine alone.

Who else is LOVING Summer?! *Raises hand and flings it around wildly* As you know we were so excited for the summer break this year, and are trying to make the very most out of it. Summer brings with it so many fun things. Vacations, staycations, outdoor adventures, and family time together. There’s just one thing that comes along with these, though, that I never realized in my blissful childhood summers.

Everything comes with a price tag attached.

Those days of fishing that should seem like one of the least expensive treats? Yepp-picnic lunches, gas money, poles, bait, drinks, and snacks all add up. The days to the amusement parks or zoos or flying to see Grandparents? What I ran into happily as a kid my eyes pop out at the price tag attached as an adult. Summer time and all its fun can quickly drain your bank account. So I wanted to share with you all some simple ways to make and save money this summer in your everyday life so that you have more money to put towards making those memories!

Simple Ways To Save & Make Money This Summer

I shared my huge How Anyone Can Successfully Work From Home post several years ago now. In it, one of my key points was Thinking Outside The Box and I shared how a big part of my strategy was to save and make money through saving online and using rewards programs like Swagbucks or loyalty programs to gather rewards and then cash them out for gift cards. I recently found out about a cool new website that helps you save money, help others save money, AND earn points for gift cards along the way. So, of course, I had to tell you about it!

Use Online Tools To Find Deals & Earn Gift Cards

The website I’m talking about is Dealspotr!

If you’re anything like me you do a lot of shopping online. It’s just so convenient and I love how I can easily compare all my options and prices from the comfort of home! If you’re also like me, anytime you see that little promo code/discount box at the checkout and it’s blank you’re not happy! I refuse to pay full price for anything online these days if I can at all help it. I used to just try to go and use Google to find codes, but more often than not I just wasted a bunch of time trying code after code from years ago and still ended up paying full price.

Dealspotr! was created to help that not happen! Think of Dealspotr as the Wikipedia of deals. All the deals are added by people just like you, ensuring accuracy. They actually have more codes and fewer expired ones than RetailMeNot,, Groupon, or any other coupon site. Want proof? you can check out the data of their test of 550 promo codes.

So using it to find codes and save money is a no-brainer! The cool thing is that if you want to, you can actually use Dealspotr to make money, too! It’s super easy to earn gift cards using Dealspotr, it’s even reasonably easy to earn your first $10 gift card on your first few days using Dealspotr. Plus, you’re helping shoppers save money (and saving money yourself) while you’re earning. Want to make it REALLY easy? If you sign up using my Referral Link Right Here you’ll get 5,000 points to start off with and be halfway to your first $10 gift card!


So how exactly do you earn points with them? By finding and posting deals, or validating and editing ones that are already there! This is actually not hard to do, and they have SO many stores and even restaurants to choose from. I actually used it to post my personal coupon code from my prAna post that I did recently. That’s another cool thing about Dealspotr, you can find those kinds of codes that you can’t find anywhere else because bloggers just like me are on there sharing them! You can also follow people on Dealspotr so you can see what they’re posting, or you can personalize your feed so you just see deals from the stores you’re interested in.

So sign up for an account and get to poking around, saving money, and helping others do it too!

Have a Garage Sale or Shop At Them

Growing up I never frequented garage sales but once we moved to Texas I discovered a whole new world! They are my favorite spots for finding household decor like picture frames, kid clothes, toys, and books.

They’re also so popular in many locations that you can make a tidy amount to put towards your summer vacation if you host one yourself!  My biggest tip for making it simple is to not host one until you’ve become a frequent garage sale shoppper. This will give you an idea of where your price points should be in your area. This way you won’t price so high nothing sells, but you won’t be giving things away for pennies, either. My biggest “keep it simple” trick for hosting a garage sale is to use wide, sweeping prices and put them up on signs. For example Hardback Books $3, Softcover Books $1. Only price items individually that are worth more, like tools or a bike. So much easier than going through and putting little round stickers on every.tiny.thing.

Like this idea but want to make it even less complicated? That brings me to my next trick:

Host A Swap With Friends

I did a whole post here on how you can host a Toy Swap with friends. Think of it like a multi-family garage sale but everything is free! You bring what you don’t want and grab anything you do, and invite anyone who might be needing those items.  This was always a big success for us. It doesn’t have to be a toy swap, the items are only limited to what your group of friends is into or what life stages you’re in!

Check For Discounts on Bills

Summer means you’re not spending hours in the car line or hauling kids back and forth to extra-circular activities. Use that extra time to do some research into different companies and their pricing options. We all have bills we’ll always have to pay, so make sure you’re paying the least you have to! The best place to start is with your phone bill, there are so many options these days that are affordable and reliable. You should re-evaluate your entertainment bills as well. Consider cutting back to the basic packages on services that you won’t be using as much with the nice weather.

Borrow On Vacations

If you hadn’t noticed, luggage these days costs an arm and a leg when you fly! If you’re traveling with kids to visit family try to bring as little as possible and borrow things once you arrive. This especially works great when you’re traveling with babies and toddlers. Most of the time a cousin or church friend are more than happy to pull a stroller, bouncy seat, or high chair out of storage for you to use during your visit.

Well, there are some simple tricks to help you Save & Earn money this summer! Don’t forget to sign up using my Referral Link Right Here to get 5,000 points to start off on Dealspotr and be halfway to your first $10 gift card!