Traveling with kids can be a nightmare if your accommodations don’t accommodate them. Lots of hotels simply aren’t kid-friendly. The secret to a fun family vacation is ensuring the kids have a good time too; otherwise, you’re going to be subjected complaints and negative attitudes. The following is a guide to help you choose accommodations that your kids will love so much they’ll be raving about the fun they had for years to come.

Kid-Friendly Hotels in Adult Cities

Some destinations are more fun for adults than kids. For example, Hollywood. If you’re not riding rides at Universal Studios Hollywood, there’s a chance your kids are going to be bored. But, family friendly hotels do exist. A fun hotel can cheer a kid up and give them something to look forward to. The best boutique hotels in West Hollywood are the most kid-friendly, such as Loews Hollywood Hotel which is located on the Walk of Fame and features a rooftop pool and lots of kids toys. Look for resorts, huge pools with water slides, and on-site arcades to accommodate kids in adult-friendly destinations.

Is It Near the Beach?

It’s hard to find an ocean-front hotel that doesn’t cost a fortune, but kids love to play in the sand don’t they? They also love to boogie board, swim, and splash. Instead of paying for a hotel, why not consider the benefits of a beach front home or condo rental. AirBnB is a great place to seek out waterfront property that fits in your budget. For added fun, seek out places that include watersports equipment, such as use of kayaks or snorkeling equipment. This will provide hours of fun for kids, but requires safety demonstrations beforehand.

Look for On-Site Restaurants

If your hotel has an on-site restaurant (and, it’s great if it does) call ahead to make sure they accommodate kids. Do they offer crayons and pages to color? Do they encourage kids to be themselves? Are there games to play and a menu that’s packed with the stuff they like to eat? Keeping kids full and having fun will ensure your vacation goes swimmingly, and a stuffy hotel restaurant won’t help with that at all.

It helps if the restaurant also serves a daily breakfast. Some will offer a free hot or continental breakfast; others will charge for breakfast. What you want to do and what you can afford is up to you; however, feeding kids bright and early will help them start the day with positive attitudes. All day long, they should be treated to nutritious and filling meals because it will help keep them happy while traveling.

Be Nearby Attractions

If your attractions aren’t already on-site, such as staying at an all-inclusive resort, make sure they’re nearby. Long walks or car rides aren’t going to bode well with your little ones. Of course, they can suck it up for one vacation, but if you’re looking to keep the trip on the sunny side, don’t expect them to always have a smile on their faces (especially on long journeys). They are almost guaranteed to complain about long trips, but will be pleasantly and happily surprised by nearby destinations. Look for rentals and hotels that are right by your favorite attractions or expect to be complained to.

iMom recommends that you identify what’s bothering a whiny kid. It’s likely a sour tummy or they’re too hot, or some other travel related reason. Then point out and challenge the attitude. Offer the kid some incentive to turn the attitude around, and the ride should go more swimmingly. You can basically use that method to solve any of your journey’s issues; coupled with kid-friendly accommodations it almost guarantees a happy vacation.


By Monique